AG20PCF-L3N SPARK GAP V RADIAL Taiyo Yuden datasheet pdf data AG20P AG20 AG2 AG A G20PCF-L3N 20PCF-L3N 0PCF-L3N. AG20PF-L3N SPARK GAP V RADIAL Taiyo Yuden datasheet pdf AG20PF- AG20PF AG20P AG20P12 AG20P1 AG20P AG20 AG2 AG A. AG20PCF-H3D SPARK GAP V RADIAL Taiyo Yuden datasheet pdf data AG20P AG20 AG2 AG A G20PCF-H3D 20PCF-H3D 0PCF-H3D.

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To complicate matters, the Volvo radio doesn’t have any “speaker” outputs, per se; so I’d have to rig up an amp, blah, blah. The amp is fastened to the underside of the rear parcel shelf, inside the trunk, just as in the car that donated it.

You must essentially bend press these either one side at a time or both together towards the radio by putting the screwdriver in on a slight angle then move outwards to depress the tabs. I have no idea if the original poster 9 years ago!! Fri Oct 17 Don’t even know whether it is made in Japan.

Other than the audio signals to the amp, what other tajyo goes over to the amp from that radio?

AG20P Datasheet PDF

The solution was a peice of a cap from a bic pen to separate the two sides of the metal. The official Volvo site can be found here.


Made it through a Canadian winter with problems this year. At least you’ll convince yourself the problem is in the radio, if it is indeed. I have the C radio. I’m baffled and shocked. With some laborious and careful amateur soldering I was able to attach female RCA jacks to the amp’s input wiring.

From the schematic symbol silk screened on the circuit board it is a switching diode pair. Well you did not keep hearing that from me.

I’ll post any takyo back into this thread. Anyway, I saw your post, and thought “Aha! Hi Doug, Prompt and courteous? Maybe at work, where you embed? You’re right though, poor choice for analogy. I removed the radio still connected and on and removed the top.

I tried several things but radio repairs folks were too quick to simply sell me a new radio. Regardless of the cause, I placed a folded up old credit card between the board and metal surrounded card assy and the radio now works.

I printed all the helpful tips about what to check or clean, but I am having a hard time even getting the radio to slide out of the dash. I have tried pressing the clips on either side to release the radio, but to no avail.


Test the reception using a foot or taito of wire for an antenna. One day, his supply of the birds ran out so he had to go out and trap some more. The back PWB is darker around this area and looks like it suffers from a heat issue.

I don’t believe exotic parts were being used in auto radios. I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow of the radio internals.

RWD – FM Radio failing/AM is ok

Good question about how the shorted diode might affect both bands, and I admit no experience telling me otherwise; just something I read that resonated with experience. Initially the FM started failing in the winter months and would return when the interior warmed up.

The RCA patch cable from the head unit has an embedded wire to carry the amp turn-on signal. Hi, I recently purchased a Turbo Wagon. I too found that pushing in the board made my radio cut in and out.