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Driving a TFT LCD

Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Essentials Only Full Version. You can datashheet the datasheet here: I you have more informations The new DA family will drive a display of that resolution, but may need external RAM depending on colour depth.

I think you will find buying another display that is easier to drive is the way to go. For quantities of 1 or 2, try eBay.


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There are many makers of LCD modules to choose from, and small ones are cheap. Ok, I have understood that it’s very difficult to find a controller for this LCd and it’s also difficult to write my own controller.

Sorry for typical forum answer but As before, if you want to do an LCD project using a cheap one laying around from a photo frame is not a good idea. Datashet will cost you far more money and time than getting a standard industrial LCD. Yes I think that it’s a better idea.

AMLA Datasheet –

What are good practices when using SPI? Debug breakpoints automatically disabled Future of PIC32 16F88 cannot set internal oscillator frequency beyond Why does my PIC32 run dafasheet than expected? Thanks 1 4 Replies Related Threads.