Get this from a library! Colonialidad del poder, eurocentrismo y América Latina. [ Aníbal Quijano]. Eurocentrism, and Latin America. Aníbal Quijano has expertise in Political Science and History. Publication Preview. Colonialidad del poder, eurocentrismo. En América Latina y en el Caribe, desde siempre en su historia, está planteado un conflicto entre tendencias que se dirigen hacia una reoriginalización cultural.

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Modernidad, Identidad y Utopía en América Latina

But, in the context of a Global Coloniality of Power, this perspective was historically misleading. Universidad Ricardo PalmaNr. But neither its historical-structural dependency in the Global Coloniality of Power, nor the modes of exploitation and domination inherent to this power model have been eradicated or sufficiently altered in order to make space for a democratic production and management of the State, nor its resources of production, nor the distribution and appropriation of the product.

The colonialjdad cannot be merely linguistical but rather conceptual.

Aníbal Quijano

Instituto de Estudios Internacionales Pedro Gual, What I am proposing here, opens a crucial question of our crucial moment in history: The extreme and increasing social polarization of the world population; 4. Amauta, Lima, Peru. The hyperfetishization of the market, even more than of the product. It is pertinent to summarize those:.


The central tendencies of that process consist, in a brief overview, in:. A new issue of our Alternautas What is more, there are uninformed Eurocentrists, who want to make Sumac the same as Suma and propose to say Suma Kawsay.


With its imposition, today we are killing each other and destroying our common home. We are then deep within a historical process of a complete reconfiguration of the Global Coloniality of Power, the hegemonic power model of the planet.

In fact, all these populations, without any exception, come from historical experiences of power relationships. The whole extensive historical formational process of the Global Coloniality of Power has entered a deep crisis. And there is, of course, a huge body of literature available in that regard. Such experiences of power suijano are without any doubt different between each other and regarding the Coloniality of Power, but nevertheless possible common experiences of colonization.

Despite its intensity, this debate never managed to liberate itself from the hegemony of Eurocentrism.

Regarding the social praxis itself, there is a very important movement of specific research. The reconcentration of the control over labor, the resources quujano production and of production-redistribution; 3. Despite its new character, it did not cease to be attractive and persuasive although it turned out to be more and more paradoxical, ambivalent and ultimately historically impossible.

The extreme and increasing social polarization of the world population. The first consists basically in the ultimate imposition of the new financial capital in the control of the global colonial-modern capitalism.

This model of power is still globally hegemonic today, but also in its deepest and most existential crisis since its constitution for not much more than years. The Battle for Paradise: This text has originally been published in Ecuador Debate QuitoNr.


The re-privatization of public spaces, mainly the State. Coonialidad the purpose of the present debate, it might be useful to cite only the most important ones. Such aggravation of conflictivity, fundamtentalisms and violence, qiijano with the growing and extreme social polarization of the world population, causes the resistance itself to produce a new conflict model.

Resistance tends to evolve as the production of a new sense of social existence, life itself, precisely because the vast concerned population perceives with a growing intensity, that what is at stake here and now is not only their poverty as their never-ending way of existence, but rather and nothing less than their own survival.

Aníbal Quijano – Wikipedia

Otherwise it would no be possible to understand why the term always manages to reappear, for instance now, as the ghost of an unfinished past. Unemployment ceased to be a temporary or cyclical problem. An updated version in: In that way, the defense of human life and its conditions on the planet becomes the new sense for resistance struggles for an enormous majority of the world population. Since the end of the 20th century, a growing proportion of the victims of that power model began to resist these tendencies in virtually the whole world.