Find the most up-to-date version of ANSI B at Engineering ASME B / ANSI/ASME B – Surface Texture and Gaging for Screw Threads Package ASME B and ANSI/ASME B The ASME B46 1 ANSI ASME. The American Standard for Surface Texture in ANSI B gives Ra as the standard surface finish designation. In most applications where RMS is called.

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Large S bi indicates a good bearing property. They are defined as the height difference between the highest and lowest pixel in b4 image. This parameter is only meaningful if there is a dominating direction on the sample.

The fractal dimension, D, for each direction is then calculated as.

Annsi Reduced Summit Height, Spkis the height of the upper left triangle. Maximum Valley Depth Sv: The amplitude sum, A aat a line with the angle, ais defined as:.

ANSI-ASME B46.1-1985.pdf

nasi We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. Mean HeightS mean is the mathematical mean height of all pixels. There are three hybrid parameters. Values numerically greater than 1. It defines surface texture and its constituents: Smaller values ajsi broader height distributions and visa versa for values greater than 3.


Parameters associated with the two-dimensional DIN standard are also calculated based on the bearing area ratio curve. The line having the angle, awith the highest amplitude sum, Amaxis the dominating direction in the Fourier transformed image and is perpendicular to the texture direction on the image. Large values of S vi indicate large void volumes in the valley zone.

The Dominating Radial Wavelength, Srwcorresponds to the semicircle with radius, r maxhaving the highest amplitude sum, b max: As the voice of the U. If the surface is fractal the Log Log graph should be highly linear, with at negative slope.


The Cross Hatch AngleSch is the found angle of a cross hatch pattern typically created in seen in cylinder liners and created by a honing process used to ensure proper lubrication. Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution. As there are no pixels outside the borders of the image there are no local minimums or local maximums on the borders.

The Fractal Ani, Sfd is calculated for the different angles by analyzing the Fourier amplitude spectrum; for different angles the amplitude Fourier profile is extracted and the logarithm of the frequency and amplitude coordinates calculated. The result is called the angular spectrum. The Ten Point Height, S10 zis defined as the average height of the five highest local maximums plus the average height of the five lowest local minimums:.


For all surfaces S vi is between 0 and 0. Having found r 0.

For non-integer values of andthe value of F u pv q is found by linear interpolation between the values of F u pv q in the 2×2 neighboring pixels. Before the calculation of the roughness parameters we recommend carrying out a slope correction by a 2 nd or 3 rd order polynomial plane fit.

The angular spectrum is calculated by the following aansi.

Surface Finish- Typical values

The amplitude properties are described by six parameters, which give information about the statistical average properties, the shape of the height distribution histogram and about extreme properties. Here, a local minimum is defined as a pixel where all eight neighboring pixels are higher and a local maximum as a pixel where all eight neighboring pixels are lower.

Available for Subscriptions Available in Packages Standard is included in: This may be the case b6 image containing well organized linear structures. The Surface Skewness, S skdescribes the asymmetry of the height distribution histogram, and is defined as:. The hybrid parameters can be described graphically by the above figure.