ASTM D Standard Test Method for Static Coefficient of Friction of Polish- Coated Flooring Surfaces as Measured by the James Machine. Jan 5, The ASTM E slip resistance test standard defines the British pendulum . ASTM D is the basis of the testing of floor “waxes” (floor. Oct 31, ABIC Testing Laboratories, Inc. was authorized to test the following samples of metal floor panels for static coefficient of friction (SCOF).

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The experiential data was collected by an independent accounting firm for the Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association.

Static Coefficient of Friction Measurements

We can also examine surfaces with FTIR spectroscopy to characterize polymeric material surfaces. Again, the reasons included poor precision, which made it impossible to present an acceptable and reasonable precision statement as required by ASTM.

Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. It is still available from ASTM as a withdrawn or historical standard. Of course for other applications in which the friction under slippage is important, such as machine operation or manufacturing processes, the dynamic coefficient of friction is a vital parameter and may be the more important practical parameter.

Static friction and Dynamic or Kinetic friction are the two types of coefficient of friction that are used to determine how safe a floor can be.

The British Pendulum is used in both laboratory tests and tests completed in the field. ASTM C for the Horizontal Pull Dynamometer has now officially been withdrawn as a test method in and was intended for quality assurance testing of ceramic tile in and out of the factory. Since friction is not a property of a surface but of an interface, holding one surface of the interface the specification leather constant will provide a measure of the friction contribution of various polish surfaces to the interface.

The Neolite is called the sensor.

The compliance criterion is based on extensive d247 data from residential, commercial, industrial and institutional walkway surfaces since A dd2047 particle in the high traction surface above using Nomarski differential phase contrast microscopy with a very irregular shape and a very high surface area provides surface roughness on a very fine scale. In many cases, material surfaces have different local compositions than do the interior of the materials and it is the surface composition, along with the surface topography, which plays the critical role in determining the SCOF.


Feel aetm to contact us with any questions. This is now part of the International Building Code. The information below discusses these slip resistance test instruments and slip test safety standards as well as some others that have been used.

Because the test method uses a dry leather pad, it gives lower COF results than if a Neolite or rubber pad were used. We do not recommend its use. Static Coefficient Friction is between non-moving surfaces; it can prevent an object or person from sliding down a gradient surface. No one of these slip resistance testers is capable of doing all the tasks that might be needed.

It does not provide a minimum DCOF for outdoor areas or ramps. Click here to see a SlipAlert Video Demonstration. AME is able to investigate these surface properties in detail so that insight is gained into the reasons that given surface combinations have the friction properties they have and so that improvements in those properties may be achieved.

The average value is then used to determine if the SCOF is adequately high for a safe walking surface. The value of 0. ICS Number Code ASTM E is used for road and paving standards. The pendulum is the basis of the Sustainable Slip Resistance standard that has been specified by McDonalds Restaurants since Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard.

Testing the Safety of Polished Floors. Many other parties benefit financially from these accidents or sale of the slippery flooring that often causes them: Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc.

ASTM Standards/Tests for Coefficient of Friction | SlipNOT®

D is unique among slip standards in that it provides a compliance criterion for whether a tested polish film will provide a safe walkway surface and whether the term “slip resistant” can be applied to a asfm. Despite the fact that the ADA never truly endorsed this test method, a great deal of confusion has resulted and misinformation abounds amongst flooring and construction professionals about this poor test method.


Kinetic friction is between moving surfaces; it measures the friction between two surfaces moving against each other d247 as a book being pushed across a table or a sled being dragged across the ground. Optical microscopy and SEM are available to better examine and document the topography or roughness characteristics of a surface.

Walkway materials which are occasionally wet or normally wet are to have a wet surface SCOF greater than or equal to 0. Request a quote Share to email Send to printer. The polish data generated by D is the only data that ast been correlated with extensive pedestrian experience, and so it is the only data for which the compliance criterion is valid.

We here at Safety Direct America can slip test your flooring in our lab or on site, or sell you your own slip resistance tester. ASTM withdrew this standard inwith no replacement.

View interactively in English Spanish Chinese.

Slip Resistance Testing Standards in 2018

It is only used for testing dry surfaces, it is not appropriate for wet surfaces because the sensor pads that are attached tend to hydroplane, which will lead to skewed results. The James Machine needs continuous maintenance and adjustment in order to measure correctly due to the fact that an 80 pound weight is part of the test. It involves the James Machine with a leather friction pad measuring static friction, and specifies that all testing must be performed dry.

Asgm have also been used by cruise ship companies and others outside of Australia.