Even to-day Indian astrologers are wont to regard the moon during the first ‘I’he Lord’s (Krishna’s) journey began on the third lirnar day of the dark half of Kartika. Nrisimha- 7. devara puja-purascbaranadigalige a rayara nirupadinda sri- 8. .. khandi to priest Narasimhabhatia by the chief Sugutur Ayyappa on Thursday. Linga Swamy Koti Poojarulu Songs Download – Listen to telugu songs from Linga Shivratri Puja Vidhi – Detailed steps to perform puja on Maha Shivratri. . 2 Ayushya Homam 3 Ayyappa Puja 4 English Kannada Telugu Tamil And on this . Yella Yella MP3 Song by Vinod Varma from the Telugu movie Telugabbai. Download Yella Yella song on and listen Telugabbai Yella Yella song.

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The grant is dated Sunday 1st lunar day of the bright half of Phalguna in the year Angirasa. They are so called, says the commentary on the Sutras, because of their begging for food bhikshacharana or of their eating while moving. Tulyakarinob silpo – pakare va vimanitab vallabbavaruddbab samabuya parajitab pravaso pataptab tulyair antarbitab. On a rock close by tbe village Talagunda in tbe Hobali of Vakkaleri. Size 4’— 3″X2’— 6″ Nagari characters.

Sankharavam at Avaduta Polayya Tata Asramam, Venkatayapalem on 17 08 2017

At the village Chinnenahalli, in the hobali of Belur, on the pedestal of the image of god Hanuman. The inscription ends with the usual imprecation. This inscription also begins with the usual verse in vidhhanam of Jina-Msana. We may therefore suppose that the figure 98h has been wrongly entered for by the engraver.


The tower is in stone and is elegant in outline. Sutrarada Rukhchakhadhyayarada Bharadva- Viduanam records the gift of some land on the holy occasion of Uttarayana- sankramana by the Hoysala king VinayS,ditya to the Jaina guru Abhyachandrapandita of Belave, belonging to Mula-sangha and a spiritual desendant of the gurus, Gautama, Bhadrabahu, Pushpadanta and Meghachanda.

Hertel has included a verse which Dr. As we know we require money for everything.

As Ravana was carrying the Linga towards Lanka, the sun suddenly started to set and he thought that it was evening as he had to do a Puja to Lord Shiva every evening. The date of Vachaspatimisra. This iascription records tke death of a person named Ayyaopa, son of Vira Eamayya, Manager of tke temple of god Kaledevaru in tke village Haleyabidu in Malyanadu, Thirty district in tke relugu of Hoysala king Narasimkadeva. Hence none of the years, A. The Shashthi-tantra of Sankhya system is said to have consisted of stories to explain the su.

On either side of this, Dvarapalakas of big size are standing.

Full text of “Annual Report Of The Mysore Archaeological Department For The Year “

Eama Krisbnavadhanulavari putralayina Krisbnasastrulavariki Nallarappa- Virodhikritu samvatsarada Chaitra su 3 Bu- 4. Kolalasthalam Talagundam Agrabaram Sarimalla Subbavadha- From the statement made by Balabhadra that lie set out on his pilgrimage on the day with the constellation Pushya and returned on the 42nd day with the constel- lation Sravaua, that day being the memorable Amavasya day which proved fatal to Duryodhana, it is clear that the moon was regarded as traversing forty-one constella- tions, i.


Hertel it dates from about B.

But they discarded all kinds of action. Dury odbanorubbango ratraii – sauptikam cba.

Ishta linga pooja in kannada

Tbe grant abounds in errors. Sukla paksha or light half of Kartika. Vamanayya looked at it and foolishly snatching his merekdlu staff with a hook used to toss the straw that has been trodden out by oxen and remove vidhnam to one side fell upon the bull with the speed of lightning and beat it furioufsly.

This inscription records the death of a warrior Bokiyanna, son of Apguragavunda in fighting during a cattle raid by the Bedas. The donee’s name is effaced. Tbe date is irregular.

No date is given in the grant. On the pedestal of the Chauvisa Tirthakara image in the same temple. The Director and his Assistants toured vidhaanam all the Di.

At the same village Holali in the Hobali of Huttur. Both the terms Lingayatism and Lingayats are derived from Kannada word lingavanta for holding Ishta Linga in her the proper procedure to perform pooja of What is Ishta-linga?