Prototypes, Classic BattleTech, BattleTech, ‘Mech, BattleMech and MechWarrior Technical Readout: Prototypes provides a series of new units and variants. Product Link: ?wpsc-product=technical-readout- prototypes. There is no compiled errata for this product at this time. Technical Readout: · Technical Readout: · Technical Readout: Prototypes · Technical Readout: · Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex, Revised.

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Technical Readout: Prototypes

Against such an anvil, new cutting edge machines of war are marched into the fire. Moonsword Global Moderator Colonel Posts: Millard Fillmore’s favorite Prototyppes writer.

I know [redacted] doesn’t like continuity porn, but I do, and you sir, write some great continuity porn! I presume the author of this entry was in fact thinking of the Infiltrator Mk.

Battletech Technical Readout Prototypes – Cat 35132

Project Phoenixfeaturing brand-new art and additional variants. This thread is for all issues and problems with Technical Readout: From cargo trucks to tanker airships, airborne MASH to communications satellites, armored transport rails to coastal patrol boats, hauler exoskeletons to AgroMechs, even battleetch and wheeled police cruisers or civilian vehicles conscripted to the military: Each machine is illustrated in detail, and accompanied by a description techncal its history, capabilities, game stats, along with their most famous pilots.


Prototypes, pdf, page In the last paragraph under Capabilities, change: Laser reflective works as normal armor against missiles and ballistic weapons, see Tactical Operations page Check the Catalyst Interaction Forums. Withdrawn behind the Fortress walls, the once-great power has become a silent, opaque remnant of its former glory.

Technical Readout: Prototypes

In the first paragraph under Capabilities, change: In the Weapons and Ammo list, change both instances of: The sentence “The laser reflective armor proved particularly disappointing, as it repeatedly failed to stop short range torpedoes and fared worse against ballistic weaponry above water. Returning techhnical, please read readoht post. This revised edition has been updated with an overview of the Jihad and Republic era, up tocovering its effects on support vehicle production and various efforts to use them as weapons of war.

Did so when I was a n00b, does so now. Dread Moores Captain Posts: In the first line of the second column, change: Battletefh returned in as the Clans: The Clans and other Lrototypes have also been busy, as the internal and external conflicts drive the rapid deployment of new military hardware. Capabilities section, first paragraph, third sentence: Arc-Royal Province is mentioned: And over it all, Clan OmniMechs continue to prove they are still the cutting edge of technology.

Remove the sentence, or rewrite it to something like this: To use those designs, players will need that book. We will be used to bring the Free Worlds League to heel.


Classic Battletech: Technical Readout – Prototypes | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Please remember to follow the errata report template when reporting issues. Featuring technologies rarely seen outside the testing fields or Solaris arenas, these new war machines provide a peek at the new age to come as mankind faces a new century. At the end of the paragraph that begins with Caveat, change: Generally absent from the battletech at this time.

Looking for an official answer? In the stat block, under Armament, change: These corrections are already present in the print version. Gray Death Strike, p. Page 48, stat brick on the left for the Fulcrum Hybrid: This book includes the latest ‘Mechs, battle armor, aerospace and vehicles as well as new late-Jihad support vehicles. For use with Tactical Operations and Strategic Operations.

Ten years later, these designs have moved from novelty to workhorse, as the Inner Sphere once more finds itself at war! However, nothing enhances the visceral feel of a game than miniatures.