EX ULTRAFEX® PRO. Multiband sound enhancement processor s Gives your s BEHRINGER’s high-performance output transformer OT-1 retrofitable. ULTRAFEX PRO EX 2-Channel Multiband Sound Enhancement System. Multiband processing for simultaneous low and high-frequency enhancement. EX ULTRAFEX® PRO. Multiband sound enhancement processor .. The BEHRINGER ULTRAFEX PRO is the no-compromise answer when the situation.

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But it’s not the pro. Features “drinking”, ie some really effective and accurate settings.

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J’apprcie particulirement bass enhancement that so rgl can be discreet and not ngligeable. A surround image can amliorer strophonique.

In addition, one of the outputs of the EX has stopped working after a few days of use. I would say plutt record pages in French. You will find information on the site ncessaires Behringer http: The least would be as I said above the suround processor.

This adds a dynamic correct, and greater spatial image Yes, the rack is ex The connection is 6.

All user reviews for the Behringer UltraFex Pro EX3200

I could turn the sound of a pair of speaker not terrible this bit low, medium Criare acute at the base to make it sound very correct without losing too much power output. Dtail is a “pro” The best use of the fawn is still to try it Ultravex experience, I will not get ex33200 because if buy this device improves the sound on the speakers pourrave it is unutile on quality speakers. Our members also liked: J’apprcie particulirement all the hard bypass relay fast in case of power the big electric ‘flop’ that your speakers always like that!


For the use I ultrrafex distribution of music, not sound together without subwoofer, I know it’s a complment IDAL lower cost! Write a user review Ask for a user review.

I think by the rducteur against noise is an option that makes me laugh because douda not be denied: Multiband-leffet which allows treble boost, the input sensitivity of the signal.

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Behringer Ultrafex Pro EX3200 Multiband Sound Enhancement Processor

Sort by most recent most useful. I have not tested the product before purchasing equivalent but have not been disappointed on the contrary I ulises on my sound system which is equipped with an active filter.

The effects available are: It increases the perception of sound by adding dtails low and high frquences paramtrables extrmits spectrumthe enlargement of the stro hacks and phase delays of signal.

I love the deep bass is round telephone marketing as well as acute.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. So the only rducteur rduire much of it gnre breath Frankly, for less than ex300, we can not get any better. As with any effect, use it sparingly otherwise fall into the cache-Misri. Not satisfied with those reviews?



Composed of an enhancer and an exciting one to clear up sonor and a bass boost. But since I have, I can not do without. This stuff is unprofessional, and it may spoil the purity of your original mix The expansion of the stereo field is hardly better. Yes Ultrfex would do this choice. The technology used is: