This biography of Jacques Derrida tells the story of a Jewish boy from Algiers, excluded from school at the age of twelve, who went on to become the most widely. Derrida, Jacques This biography of Jacques Derrida () tells the story of a Jewish boy from Algiers, excluded from school at the age of twelve, who. A review of Benoit Peeters, Derrida: A Biography, trans. Andrew Brown ( Cambridge: Polity, ). Keywords. Derrida; biography. Full Text: PDF.

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He continued to pun — deconstruction, in French, would be nothing without puns — but the Joycean mischief of works like Glas and The Post Card subsided, as new, more sombre themes emerged: When the Duke of Edinburgh, chancellor of Cambridge University, presented Derrida with his degree in the year in which Charles and Diana separated, he murmured to him that deconstruction had begun to affect his own family too.

Biography as a genre tends to overlook and simplify complex matters, concentrating on salacious trivia and the details of the personal life while paying scant attention to the work that the writer or artist spent the majority of his or her life engaged with.

I see the ambitious scholar, an overflowing folder of loose notes on the small table before him, enthusiastically outlining his monumental project, this doubly epic undertaking of archival investigation and narrative craft. But in his last two decades, he began to evolve into a different sort of thinker, a globally attuned ethicist, as if in response to the charges made by his adversaries. Derrida was not uncritical of Heidegger: Who is this ‘I’ who speaks of speaking? While Derrida and Peeters exchanged some letters and books, this was the extent of their involvement.

When Jospin came third behind Chirac and Le Pen in the first round of the election, Agacinski broke her long silence. Deconstruction, he now claimed, had always been about justice, all the more so for having been silent about it.

Long accused of being a radical critic of the West, Derrida revealed himself to be the conscientious social democrat that he probably always was: He had never learned to accept death as such, and, in this sense, Derrida was aware that he could not, strictly speaking, be defined as a philosopher. For the next step, you’ll be taken to a website to complete the donation and enter your billing information.


Review: Derrida: A Biography by Benoit Peeters | Stephen Abblitt –

Even the French government fell under his spell. You’ll then be redirected back to LARB.

peerers He died in Octoberhis last request, in defiance of Jewish tradition, that he not be buried too quickly. Biography then gathers up the life into a totality, a meaningful whole, providing the type of after-the-fact, omniscient assessments favored by those who have placed themselves in a position to deliver judgments from on high. Yet the English Defence League is marginal.

There is something within any structure that is part of it but also escapes its logic. Would it suffice to point out that Derrida himself protested the oversimplifying function of such reviews? Order by newest oldest recommendations. When a close friend serving in Brazza wrote to him about the torture of an Arab teenager, Derrida was horrified but refused to take a position: His experience of the Algerian war accounts for the moral sensitivity — the attention to nuance, the refusal to choose sides, as well as the occasional utopianism — of his political thinking.

The affair ended there. Meyer – – Dialogue: Teaching at the Ecole Normale in the late s, he refused to join any of the various groupusculesat the risk of raising suspicions that he was secretly a Maoist, a Stalinist or, worse, an idealist reactionary. I envision Derrida raising a third, parenthetical concern here.

Sign in to use this feature. Where and in what does one look for its signs? As a teenager, Derrida had fantasised with some of his friends about blowing up their school with some explosives they had acquired.

Derrida: A Biography

No keywords specified fix it. Still, his writings are a rich guide to the concerns that drove him: This led to a deepening estrangement from Derrida, whose friend Lucien Bianco, a distinguished Sinologist, had disabused him of any illusions about revolutionary China. By scattering his writing with clues and apparent confessions, he played a coy game of disclosure and benoih, inviting curiosity while refusing to show himself clearly.

Paradoxically, the effect of this brutal rejection on a “little black and very Arab Jew”, as he described himself, was not only to make him feel an outsider, but to breed in him a lifelong aversion to communities.

A Biography by Benoit Derriad. To take advantage of all LARB has detrida offer, please create an account or log in before joining Derrida sent Nora a page single-spaced letter.

These are, truly, his final words, a small note, in French, later published in Critical Peehers, When student revolt erupted around him in Mayhe stood mostly on the sidelines. Thank you for signing up!


However, by the standards of the genre, he has produced a refined, fair-minded biography, genuinely sympathetic to the man and his work.

Fashioned from the scattered, disorderly archival remnants of a life which could never occur as a narrative and interviews with countless friends and colleagues, this is a densely rich and comprehensively detailed document of a life lived rather than any laboured textual performance of a philosophy espoused during that life, but also a hugely engaging, sympathetic, often moving narrative, marvellously defying the notion that the lives of philosophers are rarely interesting — within the constraints of the genre and form.

It seems the authorities saw the dismantling of binary oppositions as a threat to the state. This often ensures that the reader will not read the book itself, since the book review often substitutes for having to read the book itself. After 11 Septemberhe was reconciled with Habermas: What the book fails to underline quite as heavily is how waspish the maitre himself could be.

Not in the Mood

peters He was a corrupter of youth who had to be stopped in his tracks. Jacques Derrida – unknown. Noting the impossibility of being able to rigorously distinguish between the biographical and the intellectual, he opts to write an account of the life of the man that aims to be different from other books in that genre. Yet Peeters gives the impression that Derrida was a well-adjusted young man, a reader of Gide, Sartre and Camus who was also good at football and confident with women.

Jacques Derrida – – Routledge. Language, for Derrida, is always saying more than we want it to say; it has a tendency to undermine itself, even to turn against itself; there is no final liberation into some utopia of clarity, transparency and understanding.

Foucault was not the only father to be slain: Saussure had argued that words acquire their meaning through their difference dergida other words — specifically from the differences between dsrrida — rather than from their referents.