Another method of studying Price and Volume by Bill Williams Profitunity The Bill Williams Profitunity provides a unique way of quantifying. Is Profitunity the real deal? Has Bill Williams or Justine Williams ever traded? Read our review of the Profitunity home study course to discover. Bill M. Williams, PhD, CTA is the founder and visionary of the Profitunity Trading Group, which he established in Bill Williams is considered to be the.

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Bill Williams Profitunity

Tamiaya July 15, Always kind words and attention from you! High to Low Avg. Thanks for your comment.

And their money management had smaller winners and bigger losers. Instead of criticizing the work, you should develop it yourself.

Nicolas The code is correct, don’t know if the label and color are the same as other trading softwar It is both entertaining and also sad to see what the industry has become.

Provitunity response now makes me curious. I also met my husband, an expat, who leads a trade team for a large banking corp in Panama.


A holistic approach to trading | Profitunity

Or she is unwilling to disclose whether she is even trading. Profitunity, like all bil time trading educators, has a few dings and dents regarding their reputation. This is very simple and harmonious!

You just happen to be the lucky one. My Trading 51 0 4.

Bill traded his own account and Justine has traded some, but neither of them would have been considered professional traders nor did they depend on their trading income for their main financial support.

In addition, we do not say anything about Fractals being new. Unfortunately, neither Bill Williams or Justine Williams has ever been able to display a verifiable, winning track record of trading.

Profitunity Review

Hi Rob …First and foremost … I am not endorsing Profitunity. Are they willing to risk their own capital, can they demonstrate that the tools are being used to prrofitunity trading profits? Progitunity 7 months ago. He has educated thousands of traders in over 60 countries on every continent, as well as thousands of other traders who have read his three best-selling books, Trading Chaos, New Trading Dimensions, and Trading Chaos: Analysis and placing trades with a broker back then took about 2 hours daily.


Bill Williams (trader) – Wikipedia

I have already uploaded a new File. GraHal Please forgive the daft question, but why is 3-bars-trailing-stop-williams Often, this sort of day happens at the end of a trend. Geronima Ortiz Gracias Domenec.

But I want to see that the trading educator is actually applying their methods to the markets. Our Books Trading Chaos: However, their use of fractals is laughable and their combination of the alligator and fractals is a wi,liams joke. The Bill Williams Profitunity provides a unique way of quantifying price movement relative to volume.

Second Edition, which have contributed to furthering his unique trading concepts. Thanks, I have tried altering and adding my amended code many times but without getting the indicator to work. Emmett Moore July 5, Been looking for someway to insert that bit of stupidity into a post.