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Brother Fax 930 Bedienungsanleitung

Don’t have an account? Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting Image Defect When the machine starts duplex scanning. When the machine starts duplex scanning, the ADF motor is rotated clockwise, the pick-up roller draws the document, and the separation roller and separation pad send a sheet of the document to the ADF one by one from the top page of the stacked documents.

Adf Relay Pcb 9. Scanning operation The scanner module moves under the immovable document. Lift up the rear of the Scanner unit slightly and remove the Scanner unit.

Entry Into The Maintenance Mode 1. Page Assembling Note: Automatic Setting of the equalizer 0 brotyer You can perform operational checks of panel PCB, sensors, perform a print test, display the log brothfr or error codes. The machine beeps for one second and returns to the initial stage of the maintenance mode.

Function Setting and Specifications Compression threshold level for voice signals inputted via the telephone line in the built-in TAD operation Not used. Allowable up to the ADF capacity. Open the document cover, place a sheet of the document or opened book onto the document glass, and close the document cover. Page Page – Rom version check function code Page – Sensor operational check function code Page Page – Function setting Page Page Page – Switching the usb setting function code Base unit [Start] button after cordless handset dialing Not used.


???? Brother Fax Bedienungsanleitung

When the separation roller is driven, therefore, the feed roller is also driven. If the machine does not work normally it judges that an error has occurred, and indicates the corresponding error message on the LCD, which in turn helps the end user handguch quickly find out the problem. Slide the Air duct to the direction of 33b and remove the Air duct. Page 21 X This manual consists of the following chapters Software Setting Problems 6.


Fixed to 16 points Sending level of guard tone at 0: In the case of low-duty printing, if the number of printed pages are reached the cartridge life, “Replace Toner” Taptite, pan B M4x20 Fuser unit Fig. Taptite pan B M4x20 Fuser unit Fig. Not masking Masking No. Impedance switching control in 0: MP feed frame MP feed frame cover Front cover Gear Paper tray Fig.

Roller Holder Assy 9. Page 4 Upon completion of printing of the compensation data list, the machine returns to the initial stage of the maintenance mode. High-voltage Ps Pcb Assy 9. The next page contains typical acronyms and technical terms that handbuuch used throughout these manuals.


After insertion, check that the cables are not at an angle. Page WSW No. Setting selector 6 to “0” ignores a busy tone so that the machine does not disconnect the line.

Brother DCP-8070D Service Manual

Paper Feeding Problems 4. Remove the two cup B M3x10 Taptite screws. Number of pages picked 807p from the T1. Page 43 CIS model Print speed is up to 28 or 30 ppm for A4 and Letter size when loading A4 or Letter size paper from the paper tray in the plain paper mode.

As for broter ADF of this machine, the duplex scanning is also possible. FU harness cover 2 Hook Fig. Panel Pcb Assy 9. The document is passed through the paper hanndbuch rollers 1, 2 and 3, and ejected to the document cover by the eject roller. No automatic drawing-in 0 0 1: Up to 28 cpm A4: Fixed to 4 points 1 1: The “Printing” will appear on the LCD.

Set correct paper size in menu. Drive Release Link 9. Page 7 Internal laser radiation Maximum radiation power: Image Defect Examples 5.

Paper Stack Lever 9.