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Also widely applicable to the cleaning of food preparation areas, chemical cleaners which comply with BS EN are bactericidal. The Food Standards. activity employing BS EN against Aspergillus brasiliensis under dirty The test was carried out as specified by BS EN (Appendix 1). EN Quantitative Surface Test for the Evaluation of Bactericidal or Fungicidal Activity. Summary of Test. The EN method below are designed to evaluate.

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Colour Coded Cleaning Products.

BS EN 13697:2015

Browse our range of cleaning resources. To ensure the efficacy of cleaning fluids, especially those used in public spaces such as clinical or child care centres, there are several standards in place.

These European standards beginning with BS EN correspond to different challenges which cleaners face, specifically to different infectious threats from E-Coli to spores. This is probably the most common of the standards which need to be met.

Disinfectants BS EN & BS EN

Whilst this broadly regulates the bactericidal efficacy of cleaning fluids and sprays, in particular this deals with E-Coli and is vital as a safeguard to guarantee the performance of many cleaning resources used in kitchen and food preparation areas. Chemical cleaning solutions are tested to make sure that they can destroy the requisite level of Our antibacterial spray is an example of a product which meets this requirement. It deals successfully with the necessary level of bacteria, effective in just 60 seconds.


Similarly our anti bacterial liquid soap is also compliant with BS ENlaboratory tested to ensure the effective disposal of bacteria from hands. Also widely applicable to the cleaning of food preparation areas, chemical cleaners which comply with BS EN are bactericidal.

The Food Standards Agency requires all equipment which has been in contact or involved in the preparation of raw foods to be cleaned either at a sterilising temperature or for them to be cleaned with a suitable chemical cleaning agent which meets BS EN or BS ENwhich was introduced in and updated with a revised regulation in It also relates to antiseptic materials, controlling the effectiveness of antibacterial cleaners for hands used in institutional settings.

Our Anti Bacterial Clean is an example of a chemical cleaner which is compliant with BS EN and is suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks and across several surfaces.

It is again effective within just 60 seconds contact time, dealing with Staphylococcus Aureus, Enterococcus Hirae and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa amongst other bacterial threats.

This most commonly applies to bx and hand gels which need to be especially effective for use in institutional settings, particularly in clinical settings where risk of viral and bacterial infection is notably higher than in other public spaces.

This standard was introduced in and again is determined by a test of bactericidal activity, in which a concentration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Staphylococcus aureus, or occasionally both is used as a test microorganism for the chemical disinfecting agent or sanitiser to perform effectively against.


As before, a five minute window is given for the chemical to 113697 with the infection. Again, typically many products will perform faster than this, but with hand gels especially there is a longer contact period once the gel is applied in spite of evaporation of of sanitising fluids over time.

Another standard which mostly regulates hand sanitisers and hygienic hand rubs. This standard was initially introduced in but has been updated as ofwith amendments to the way data relating to neutralisation was to be used amongst other alterations when CEN eh the incarnation of the standard.

about – Disinfectants BS EN & BS EN

To make sure that you have gels and sanitisers that effectively deal with infectious threats, then cleaning and antiseptic materials which are compliant with BE EN are required. Our non alcoholic foaming hand sanitiser is fully compliant with BS EN It comes in ml bottles for easy use and has a pleasant hs fragrance. It is still a very effective tool for controlling the spread of infection.