BS EN 61439-1 PDF

date BS EN is withdrawn and BS EN and BS EN In addition IEC and IEC have been amended, clarified and. For each type of electrical AssEMBLY only two parts of the standard are necessary to determine all requirements: the basic standard IEC “ General rules. What changes does BS EN bring? • New testing procedure including design and routine verification. • Alternative testing routes. • Clear requirements for.

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Protection for safety —Protection against electric shock IEC Horizontal top surfaces of accessible enclosures having a height equal to or lower than 1,6 m above the standing area, shall provide a degree of protection of at least IP XXD.

When selecting current-limiting protective devices for built-in switching devices, account shall be taken of the maximum permissible values specified by the device manufacturer, having due regard to co-ordination see 9.

We would be grateful if anyone finding an inaccuracy or ambiguity whileEmail: NOTE It may be necessary to ensure that these operations are not performed under load.

BS EN 61439-1:2011

Nominal voltages for low-voltage public electricity supply systems. To make the test representative the external surfaces at which additional sections may be connected shall be thermally insulated with a covering to prevent any undue cooling.

Users of British Stan-BSI provides a wide range of information on national, Europeandards should make sure that they possess the latest amendments or editions. Sheathed cables for fixed wiring IEC Also known as IEC The following letters shall be used: For test voltage tolerances and the selection of test equipment, see IEC Thus to verify the rated currents of all circuits a separate test for each type of circuit is necessary. The original manufacturer shall determine the reference design s that will be used in In this 64139-1, the time during which the short-circuit is applied for the peak current withstand test shall 2be such that the value It is not larger than the equivalent value for the short-time current test, but it shall be not less than three cycles.


For details of requirements for terminals for external protective conductors, see 8. However, the risk of disruptive discharge should be considered.

BS EN – Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. General rules

These examples do not differentiate between gaps and grooves or between types of insulation. Together with BS EN Unless otherwise agreed between the ASSEMBLY manufacturer and the user, on three-phase and neutral circuits, terminals for the neutral conductor shall allow the connection of copper conductors having a current-carrying capacity: Conductive structural parts may be used as a protective conductor or a part of it.

NOTE In particular the electrical separation is necessary between the live parts of electrical equipment such as relays, contactors, auxiliary switches and any part of another circuit. For more explanation see This standard does not apply to individual devices and self-contained components, such as motor 6143-1, fuse switches, electronic equipment, etc.

For the verification of rated short-time withstand current see 5. Not dependent upon a SCPD.


The peak current withstand test and the short-time current vs may be separated. The environments encompassed are residential, commercial and light-industrial locations, both indoor and outdoor. Verification may be by the application of design rules, by calculation or by test as specified. Other requirements and other EC Directives may be applicable to the products falling within the scope of this standard. Particular attention shall be given to joints in conductors and terminals within the main circuits.

BS EN 低压开关设备和控制设备.总则 – MBA智库文档

Testing of outgoing circuits may also result in the operation of the incoming circuit SCPD. NOTE The 1,5 factor to values in Table 1 is applied to avoid impulse withstand voltage tests for design verification. Routine verification bx not required to be carried out on devices and self-contained components incorporated in the ASSEMBLY when they have been selected in accordance with 8.

This does not preclude the freeuse, in the course of implementing the standard of necessary details such assymbols, and size, type or grade designations. They shall be mounted in the enclosure as in normal use with all covers and all partitions that separate the busbar from other compartments, in place.