The Pleasures of the Damned: Poems, [Charles Bukowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. To his legions of fans, Charles. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Bukowski’s chatty free verse (and fiction) about disappointment, drunkenness, racetracks. Buy The Pleasures of the Damned: Selected Poems Main by Charles Bukowski (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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All those widows and orphans. But the awkward and unmotivated line breaks drove me up the friggin wall sometimes. I see this final storm approaching and calmly my mind waits. Dec 31, Jack Wolf rated it really liked it Shelves: I was sadly disappointed, his works are filled with anger, revulsion, spite and profanity; scattered with intermittent gems that are struggling to maintain their luster amidst all the despair.

For the most part, I was disappointed. He does it damnee lines like: Its another end of another week and you are sitting alone at your favorite place overflowing with all those pretty faces.

Jean Genet called him America’s greatest poet. He was a champion of the underdog, an anti-elitist in the best possible bukoaski of the word.

Charles Bukowski is one of America’s best-known contemporary writers of poetry and prose, and, many would claim, its most influential and imitated poet.

Damn you, Bukowski, why you so good? Return to Book Page. He is often bukowsii to as the “dirty old man” of American poetry and after reading this selection of poetry I can see clearly as to why he is deemed so. I love conversational works, but this is conversational to a fault – like do we need the words “cunt” and oc on every other page to buiowski that we write for the average joe? He was never on some high horse like most people I come across in literary circles.


To his legions of fans, Charles Bukowski was—and remains—the quintessential counterculture icon.

This collection of poetry is simply wonderful. Aber er grenzt sich auch von denen da oben ab.

The Pleasures of the Damned

I read this book because Bukowski is often quoted. Jul 04, Christopher rated it it was amazing. His approach to poetry, which he explains perfectly in “Poetry”, makes more sense to me than any other authors explination of it.

Perhap Bukowski’s poetry captures all aspects of the seedy underbelly of America. This culture has never been something that I have been subjected to. I see this final storm pleashres nothing very serious in the sight of the world; there are so many more important things to worry about and to consider. Tense Tips on technique 7: You read a poem, ruminate on it for a few hours, and only then move on to the next one. Klar, wer solche Gedichte schreibt, bei dem funktioniert noch gan Die gesammelten Gedichte von Charles Bukowski liest man nicht in einem Rutsch durch.

Pleasures of the Damned: Poems 1951-93

At times, we get rare glimpses of the pressure of being a writer: Bukowski published his first story when he was twenty-four and began writing poetry at the age of thirty-five. I’m new to Bukowski. A hard-drinking wild man of literature and a stubborn outsider to the poetry world, he wrote unflinchingly about booze, work, and women, in raw, street-tough poems whose truth has struck a chord with generations of readers.

My only contention with most other published reviews is that they call him the poet laureate of sour alleys and dark bars, when it seems that Leonard Cohen’s observation is more appropos- that he brought everyone down to earth, even the angels. And this collection does that. Bukowskis Ton ist nie abwertend oder hoffnungslos. Pointlessly, and to excess. Woman on the Street her shoes themselves would light my room like many candles.


Published October 30th by Ecco first published You really do get the distinct feeling that he feels sorry for himself and honestly, by the end of this book, you’ll feel sorry for him too.

The Pleasures of the Damned by Charles Bukowski

The Thought Fox Ted Hughes. Die gesammelten Gedichte von Charles Bukowski liest man nicht in einem Rutsch durch. Edited by John Martin, the legendary publisher of Black Sparrow Bukoaski and a close friend of Bukowski’s, The Pleasures of the Damned is a selection of the best works from Bukowski’s long poetic career, including the last of his never-before-collected poems. You realise that Bukowski felt exhausted by humanity itself dmned really, that got under my skin. His style of free verse has left a generation-spanning cacophony of enthusiasts, acolytes and derivative hacks.

Someone told me his editor was resp I read nearly all of this on the toilet.

Books by Charles Bukowski. Bukowski has tried to say it all. I’m not even sure where to begin here.