* Joined: 24/09/ Messages: 5. Offline, Shall I get “Business Intelligence with SpagoBI” book in hard copy?. SPAGOBI COMPETENCY CENTER. Developing Business Intelligence solutions using the only % open source BI suite. Business Intelligence with SpagoBI. : Business Intelligence with SpagoBI eBook: SpagoBI Competency Center: Kindle Store.

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Data mining It allows to extract knowledge, discover patterns from large volumes of data to improve decision making and business strategies. Interactive cockpits Analysis of busihess information in a single view, stable navigation routes, and allows data dynamically exploit its graphical manner. External processes Manage your analytical processes, which can run in the background or be scheduled to start and stop at a scheduled time.

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What SpagoBi offers?

New business opportnuities are easily identified, while inefficiencies and bottlenecks are promptly faced. Users can write back to the database and modify table data intelligenxe an intuitive user interface, whose behavior can be set by means of simple configuration parameters, using pre-defined models.

Informations Ohloh users rating 4. Let me remember that the book is available for the sole use spagobj the natural person who purchases it, who cannot further copy, distribute or publicly display it. SpagoBI enables data mash-up into interactive cockpits, which you can build by yourself.


Aggregate different analysis into a single view, set navigation paths, and explore your data a dynamic and graphical way.

Write a review Propose a solution. Free Inquiry It is a core for exploration and navigation data in an intuitive ingelligence easy, thanks to a fully graphical interface and web. Users can write directly to the database, adding new records or modifying existing through a user interface intuitive, which behavior can be configured using a simple configuration, using predefined models.

SpagoBI is not simply an addition of solutions, it offers a powerful combination through its advanced model. Spago BI and Big Data. Build your own Big Data analytics with SpagoBI, optimized to allow you to easily extract knowledge and value from large volumes of heterogeneous data.

Rating and details – Please fill out all the the notes. Home Business Solutions Verticales Analytics: What-if Analysis SpagoBI what-if analysis allows you to simulate scenarios and predict the effects of potential changes in your business strategies.

Advanced data analysis allowing you to extract knowledge from large volumes of data, to improve your decision-making and business strategies. Is the SpagoBI book updated for version 5. Charts Development customizable and interactive graphics busijess, pie charts, bar charts, scatter diagrams, line charts, buble charts, scatter charts.

The book has been updated with the new features of the 4. Add original for managing collaborative processes and analysis of geo-reference. Applications Business intelligence suites. At present, some tutorials on the new features of SpagoBI 4. Please fill out the following fields to share the details of your proposed solution Step 1: Manage your analytical processes, which can run in the background or be scheduled to start and stop at a scheduled time. Collaboration Create structured reports, improve the analysis with personal notes and comments posted by users.


SpagoBI allows you to constantly monitor your business data and processes through a dynamic and flexible approach. It has a modular structure in which all modules are related to the core systemensuring the harmony of the platform along with their evolving capacities. Thanks to a diversified set of insights, you can extract and analyze data flowing on Social Networks i.

The team developing OroCRM open source customer relationship management has just unveiled the functionalities for the 2. SpagoBI vient de sortir la version 4.

spagobi | % open source Business Intelligence

Assessments Smile Visitors 4 Opinion. SpagoBI is a intelligende suite offering all the features one can ask for a BI suite. SpagoBI is an integration platform and not a product platformsince it is not built around a predefined set of tools. SpagoBI offers a wide range of tools: