Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking with Riboflavin (also abbreviated as C3R) is a non-invasive corneal treatment shown to slow the progression of keratoconus. What is the treatment for Keratoconus? 1. Use of Contact Lenses (Corneal Collagen Crossling Procedure) . (Information & Appointments for C3R). Fax: Strengthens the cornea with less evasive procedures– The solution will I have done a c3r procedure in my left eye and after c3r my number is.

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Now they have developed a new treatment that helps strengthen the cornea and stop the damage that keratoconus patients could suffer from this progressive disease. C3-R is directed under the epithelial cell layer. Located on the surface of the cornea. The surgeon will apply anesthesia drops on the surface of the eye.

C3r Procedure, Treatment and Cost

The Riboflavin drops are then placed on the surface of the cornea. The procedure is relatively comfortable if the epithelial layer is only disrupted rather than removed.

Some surgeons remove the epithelium layer, which can make the first week after the procedure uncomfortable. Be sure to check with your doctor to see if they perform epi-on or epi-off technique. More and more researchers are realizing epi-on technique is safer and provides the same results.

There are several benefits of Corneal Collagen Crosslinking below are a few: It only requires a one time application. And there are less risks associated with C3-R as opposed to cornea transplant. After the 3 year follow up doctors found that it stopped the increase of cornea curvature values and flattened the mean cone. It has been proven to stabilize progressive Ectasia.

The benefits of C3-R are many. Without question medical sciences are growing rapidly. And each day we are improving the treatments for Keratoconus and other troubling diseases. There is no need to suffer with Keratoconus. Patients now have a wide array of treatments to help them with the progression of this condition.

C3-R cornea collagen crosslinkingKeratoconus TreatmentsUncategorized. I have done a c3r procedure in my left eye and after c3r my number is not goin to be changed i think it is beneficial.

I feel this article is good. May i know one thing that after c3r how much time it will take to get rid from blurred vision.

If orocedure vision is blurred after C3-R, I would suggest seeing your doctor. Some physicians remove the epithelium during the C3-R procedure, if this was the case in your situation it may just be a matter of healing. Epi-Off C3-R can take up to six months for full healing.


Vip March 4th,6: I have done C3rR for both eye. As was said in reply to others with similar situations, if your vision is blurred after Crosslinking I would suggest seeing your doctor. Every person heals differently and therefore can have a different length of time required to fully heal or may have different results from the same treatment. Regular check ups are essential in maintaining a proper healing process and determining the next step in treatment.

Gagan March 4th,8: Is this is a normal.? It can take up to 3 months to heal after Epi Off crosslinking; usually you will need to be fitted with new contact lenses to reduce multiple orocedure if they still persist; sometimes exploring the option of INTACS can help reduce the multiple images. Abhi April 17th,9: This needs to be implemented soon. How can we contact FDA to allow this procedure?

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (C3R) with Riboflavin

Proceddure the clinical trial is completed it typically takes about years for follow-up data to be compiled and then the FDA will approve a few years later. The FDA recently reviewed data and requested additional information.

It probably will be another year or so for approval. You can contact Dr. Proceedure procedure has been performed since by Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler and is not part of the clinical trial process. Sree July 4th,2: I have done c3r for my left eye. Its almost three months over,still i have blurry and multiple image problem,before the surgery i was able to see much better without the spectacles, but i can see now properly only with spectacles.

Did you have epi-off C3R? If you had epi-off it can take several months to heal and this could be the cause of multiple images. I would encourage you to talk with your surgeon. Vinod July 26th, My doubt is; is there any vision loss after c3r? It may affect your visual clarity.

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking

Vinod, The noninvasive C3-R treatment should not cause any vision loss. The goal is to strengthen the cornea pdocedure maintain the vision you currently have. It does not provide vision correction for patients.

For more information, contact Dr. Vinod August 12th,2: Vinod, in our experience if you have epi-on crosslinking, there is only temporary haziness a couple of days maximum.

There should be no negative long-term effect. It would be advised to see your doctor to discuss this issue. There maybe another factor causing the appearance of right eye appearing larger. I had c3r in my profedure eye 10 days ago and i still have the blurry vision and its really worse than i had before the surgery and my c3r was epi — on c3r because no anesthisea was given to me. And i have the double vision also and that is what really kills c3d inside.


It is unusual for double vision to be caused by epi-on C3R. The double vision may just be related to the Keratoconus. Please discuss this issue with your doctor.

PRK surface laser may be an option to improve vision once there is confirmed stability years after C3Rsome doctors will consider earlier if your Keratoconus is mild.

C3R is designed to stabilize vision, it usually does not improve vision — it just stops further vision loss. C3R is usually suggested for all patients with Keratoconus to stabilize Keratoconus and prevent further vision loss; the sooner a patient considers the more vision is preserved. Rohit October 9th,4: I have keratoconus in right eye C3R with epithelium left intact, vision is maybe blurry for the first day after the procedure.

C3-R with epithelium removed, vision can take up to 3 months to clear. It is possible to consider PRK surface laser treatment after C3R has stabilized the eye and there is documented stability. Visian ICL can sometimes be a good option for vision correction, this is a permanent contact lens that is inserted inside the eye. Bhumika October 30th,7: I gone through c3r surgery 29 days before.

Still my vision Is not clear even it is worst than before. I m little worried as doctor initially after surgery observed some infection on the cornea and than in further follow ups said it is negative staining and ask me come again after a month. Pls tell me what kind of infections possible after c3r surgery and when will I be get proper vision back. Thank you for your inquiry.

There can be risk for different infections depending on the type of Crosslinking you received. If you had CXL with the epithelium removed, then your corneas are at higher risk for infection You should seek another opinion if you do not have trust in the follow up care of the doctor who performed the treatment for you.

The Treatment Application- C3-R is directed under the epithelial cell layer.