BACKGROUND: Dystrophic calcinosis cutis is a common manifestation in connective tissue diseases, but there’s still no consensus on treatment. OBJECTIVES. Abstract. Objectives: To evaluate the effect of minocycline as treatment for cutaneous . Calcinosis cutis circumscripta: treatment with intralesional corticosteroid. An year-old woman was followed up for a year history of limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis complicated by recurrent subcutaneous lesions of calcinosis.

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Conditions that can cause metastatic calcinosis cutis include:.

Biopsy of cutaneous lesions is used to confirm diagnosis. Calcinosks the type of calcinosis cutis you have is important in deciding the appropriate treatment.

Medical therapy may be used to help relieve symptoms of the condition but are generally of limited and variable benefit. The signs and symptoms of calcinosis cutis vary according to the underlying cause.

Skin Lesion Biopsy A skin lesion biopsy is a simple medical procedure in which a sample of your skin is removed and tested in a laboratory.

On histology of calcinosis cutisgranules and deposits of calcium are seen in the dermisoften with a surrounding foreign-body giant cell reaction.

Pharmacological treatment in calcinosis cutis associated with connective-tissue diseases.

Topical sodium thiosulfate may also be useful. Symptoms of calcinosis cutis. Here’s how to recognize the symptoms, ca,cinosis to see your doctor, and more.

Depending on the underlying cause, a multidisciplinary team of physicians including nephrologist, rheumatologist, and haematologist may be needed to manage the condition. Because surgical trauma may stimulate further calcificationit may be best to excise a small site before going ahead with a large excision. Self-skin examination New smartphone apps to check your skin Learn more Sponsored content. The appearance and location of calcinosis cutis depend on the underlying cause.


The outlook for calcinosis cutis depends on its underlying disease or cause, and the severity of your lesions. If your lesions are painful, get infected often, or impair your functioning, your doctor may recommend surgery. Even trying to cut back on the sweet stuff….

This condition cxlcinosis occurs in the skin, where it is known as calcinosis cutis or cutaneous calcification.

The deposition of calcium in the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and visceral organs is known as calcinosis. For larger lesions, drugs that may treatmennt include:. But the lesions may recur after surgery. In children with severe forms, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation can also be taken into consideration. Talk to your doctor about how to relieve your symptoms and treat the root of the problem.

Pharmacological treatment in calcinosis cutis associated with connective-tissue diseases.

What makes a carb good and what makes it bad? This is a rare condition that has many different causes. The lesions may have no symptoms, or they may be severe, painful, or oozing a whitish substance.

Treatment of calcinosis cutis.

Calcinosis cutis | DermNet NZ

Causes of the abnormal levels of calcium and phosphate are:. Unlike the first two types of calcinosis cutis, idiopathic calcification occurs with no underlying tissue damage and no abnormal levels of calcium or phosphorus. Tissue damage may be from mechanical, chemical, infectious or other factors.

Normal serum calcium and phosphate levels exist.

Idiopathic calicnosis cutis generally occurs in the absence of any known tissue injury or systemic metabolic defect. Iatrogenic calcinosis cutis arises secondary to a treatment or procedure, for example parenteral administration of calcium or phosphate, and calcium deposition in newborns from repeated heel sticks.


Data for all therapies proposed in calcinosid cutis is generally reported in single cases and small case series and so, the existent data is all yielding a low level of evidence. Diltiazem is recommended by some authors as first-line approach in calcinosis cutis and is also the therapeutic principal referred by the largest number of available publications.

It seems to be efficient in more than half calcunosis the reported cases. Turns out carbs alone can’t be faulted for any weight issues – it’s the combination of how and what you…. Calcification is usually localised to one general area. Lesions may become tender and ulcerate, discharging treatmdnt creamy material consisting mainly of calcium phosphate with a small amount of calcium carbonate. The cause of iatrogenic calcification is a medical ca,cinosis that accidentally leads to calcium salt deposits as a side effect.

Often calcinosis cutis has no symptoms.

Calcium deposits may also be found in subcutaneous tissue. DermNet NZ does not provide an online consultation service. A study reported that a low dose of the antibiotic minocycline was effective in relieving the pain and extent of treattment in people with CREST syndrome.