pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. Canon MVi Camcorder User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. User manual for the device Canon MVi. Online user manual database. A high quality and professionally bound black-and-white instruction manual for your Canon MVi / MVi / MVi / MV – buy now from £

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Please note that illustrations and explanation in this manual are based on the MVi. MVi and MVi only. Shaded area Available functions depend upon the operating mode. It is indicated as follows: Function can be used in this mode. Function cannot be used in this mode. We recommend reading this manual thoroughly before you use the camcorder. It will help you to mg650i more familiar with your camcorder, and learn how to operate it properly.

Below times are approximate and vary according to the charging, recording or playback conditions. BP Optional min. The battery symbols indicate the charge status of the battery pack. The battery charge indicators are not constant — they vary according to canob condition under cnaon battery pack and camcorder are used.

Power the camcorder from a household power source or with a battery pack when replacing the backup battery. Turn on the camcorder and keep camon LCD panel closed to adjust the viewfinder. Adjust the diopter adjustment lever. Do not leave the viewfinder exposed to direct sunlight as it may melt due to concentration of light by the lens. Pass the ends through the strap mount and adjust the length of the strap.

The wide attachment is for use at maximum wide-angle.

Canon MV650i / MV630i / MV600i / MV600 instruction manual (reprint)

Loading and Unloading 1. Following functions cannot be operated without the wireless controller: Install the backup battery before you begin The year display starts to flash.

Turn the selector dial to select the year, and press the danon dial.

Preparations Connect a power source. Remove the lens cap. Close the LCD panel. Replace the lens cap.

Disconnect the power source. When recording manuap or through a window, do not leave LCD screen, viewfinder or lens exposed to direct sunlight as it may cause damage. The camcorder automatically switches between optical zooming and digital zooming.


Image resolution is slightly lower with the digital zoom. At wide-angle, you can focus on a subject as close as 1cm. The LCD screen switches on and the viewfinder switches off.

Rotate the LCD panel mabual choose the angle of the screen. Press the MENU button to open the menu. If necessary, support the camcorder with your left hand. Press the button to stop playback. The built-in speaker does not sound. Change the setting as necessary following the procedure below.

Turn the selector dial up to increase the volume, and down to lower the volume. For analog line-in recording or analog-digital conversion, please use a SCART adapter with input capability commercially available. Turn off all devices before starting the connections. Selecting Menus and Settings 1. Set the camcorder to the correct operating mode. With the MVi and MVi, you can also create your own start-up image. See Creating a Start-up Image This is helpful if, for example, you wish to play back a tape in dark places.

The beep will not be recorded. If you turn off the beep, all camcorder sounds including the ones of the My Camera settings will be turned off. You can also start the demonstration mode through the menu. Starting your recording with a still image allows you to easily locate the beginning of the recording with the Photo Search function Easy Recording Program The camcorder adjusts focus, exposure and other settings automatically, allowing you to just point and shoot.

Other Camcorders – Support

Use this mode to record in dark places. The shutter speed is adjusted automatically. It is useful when recording in places with changing light conditions such as in amusement parks.

Slide the program selector to Q program AE. Press the selector dial. A list of the program AE modes appears. Black and White only. The image gradually fades out.

Wipe WIPE The image begins as a vertical line in the centre and expands sideways until it fills the whole screen. The image is wiped off from the sides of the screen.

Canon MVi : Digital Video Camcorder MVi, MVi, MVi, MV Instruction Manual

The pieces move around until the puzzle is solved. The image is divided into 16 pieces. The pieces move around and disappear. Faders cannot be selected when Card Mix is activated.


The image becomes a rhombus surrounded by a masking frame that changes the colours. Sound will be recorded normally. The multi-image screen is recorded on the tape. Select the bit mode for higher sound quality. Use it for recording or dubbing audio. In such case, focus manually.

MVi – Support – download drivers, software and manuals – Canon Ireland

Autofocus may not work well on the following subjects: Infinity Focus Use this function when you wish to focus on faraway subjects such as mountains or fireworks. Turn the selector dial to adjust the AE shift level. Set the program AE mode to the Auto mode. Select the shutter speed and press the selector dial.

However, you can use the preset modes to reproduce colours more accurately, or set a custom white balance to obtain the optimal setting. Zoom lever White sheet or paper Program selector Set the program selector to Q. Pressing the selector dial switches between the directions.

Movies played back from a memory card cannot be magnified. Once date and time are set, the camcorder maintains a data code containing recording date and time and other camera data such as shutter speed and exposure f-stop. Only date and time appear when playing back a memory card.

If you connect a digital video device, you can copy recordings with virtually no generation loss in image and sound quality. Side with an arrow Signal flow 4 pin — 4 pin: Unauthorised recording of these materials may violate copyright protection laws. Copyright Signals During playback: Scene to be inserted Connect the camcorder to the VCR.

Load a recorded cassette. Locate the scene you wish to insert and pause playback shortly before the scene. Connect it to the microphone terminal. Do not connect any cables to the MVi microphone terminal. The camcorder will automatically stop audio dubbing at that point. Refer also to the instruction manual of the software.

When Recording in Stitch Assist Mode: PhotoStitch detects the overlapping portion of adjoining images and merges them. They may appear warped or doubled up.