Refer to the information presented at the end of the catalogue. .. 4 Leroy- Somer – IMfinity® 3-phase induction motors – en – / h IMfinity® It can be used in numerous processes (automotive, food industries, etc.) /Al; /Al; /Al; The LEROY-SOMER range of drip-proof 3-phase motors to modify the design, technical specifications and dimensions of the products shown in this catalogue. Leroy-Somer – Asynchronous CPLS motors for variable frequency – en – / f. Introduction P: catalogue power. asynchronous motor catalogue. Industries), latest edition, to the extent that they do not conflict with the.

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It must be emphasized that sensors cannot be used to carry out direct adjustments to the motor operating cycles. Complete each chapter and its review section More information.

Drive end bearing D. Synthetic oils have the advantage of being effective in severe conditions extreme variations of temperature, harsh chemical environments, etc.

Standard offering pumps info mdmpumps. All additional costs, in particular approval costs, specific checks, etc. Hybrid bearings for electrical machinery Electrically insulating – higher speeds – longer grease life SKF hybrid bearings increase service life Electric current damages bearings When a stray current in. The warranty may only be triggered insofar as the Products have been stored, used and maintained in accordance with the Seller s instructions and manuals.

Class B is available on request. The two main types used to make grease are mineral oils and synthetic oils. The lubricating power of a grease or an oil lessens with time owing to mechanical constraints and straightforward ageing.

Except in the event of a specific condition to the contrary, the Seller reserves the right to make partial deliveries. Totally enclosed squirrel cage three phase motors with cast iron frame Sizes 71 to0. The thickener is an inorganic compound, such as clay.

Standard ISO requires the balancing method to be marked on the shaft extension as follows: C Lubrication with grease A lubricating grease can be defined as a product of semi-fluid consistency obtained by the dispersion of a thickening agent in a lubricating fluid and which industri contain several additives to give it particular properties.

  ISO 4126-10 PDF

Power usable industrle Torque.

PLS Drip-proof 3-phase induction motors 15 to 900 kw Technical catalogue

Simplatroll Replacement Magneta Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes The original modern pole face design with unbeaten performance and quality. Squirrel-cage motors Dimensions Squirrelcage motors Dimension sheet generator: Determination of nominal lifetime Constant load and speed of rotation The nominal lifetime of a bearing expressed in operating hours L 10h, the basic dynamic load C expressed in dan and the applied loads radial load F r and axial load F a lero related by the following equation: The lower values in the first and second columns are voltages to neutral and the higher values are voltages between phases.

Industroe of catalotue 2: Insulation class F 40 C: Number of cycles per hour V Hz min -1 kw cos j A Y: In any event, down payments shall inure to the Seller as indemnities, without prejudice to any other action the Seller may take. The output power Pu at the motor shaft is expressed as a function of the phase-tophase mains voltage U in Voltsof the line industrei absorbed I in Amps by the equation: Low Voltage Alternators catalouge 4 pole.

PLS Drip-proof 3-phase induction motors 15 to kw Technical catalogue. The Products shall be dispatched according to the conditions stated on the order acknowledgement issued by the Seller for all orders of Products. Position switches FR series Position switches FR series Selection diagram 01 A1 08 02 A2 A4 05 A5 external rubber gasket external rubber gasket external rubber gasket external rubber gasket external rubber gasket 21 25 4 69 5 stainless More information.

Measurement, evaluation and limits of vibrational intensity. In no event shall the Client use, transfer, release, export or re-export the Products, related imdustrie or technology in violation of Trade Compliance Laws.

Leroy-Somer – Catalogue Industrie

Upon completion of Basics of AC Motors you should be able to: Stationary field without slip rings for easy installation More information. The descriptions cannot in any way be considered contractual.

Stationary field without slip rings for easy installation. Pursuant to French Law no of 4 Augustfailure to pay an invoice when due shall trigger, after service of formal notice that has remained without effect, payment to the Seller of a flat-rate penalty on the due date of the receivable, which shall be applied to amount inclusive of tax of monies owed if the invoice is liable to VAT Value Added Taxand the suspension of pending orders.


WR14 1BP This outlines what we typically supply. It is the oil that lubricates the moving parts by coating them with a protective film which prevents direct contact. Oil and gas industry Chemical industry Pharmaceutical industry Agribusiness Without More information.

Moreover, subject to compliance with the statutory provisions in force, in the event of total or partial failure to pay any invoice or instalment whatsoever, regardless of the payment method used, all amounts that remain owed to the Seller including its subsidiaries, affiliated or allied companies, whether French or foreign for all deliveries and services, regardless of the due date originally provided for, shall immediately become due.

This being the case, standardized sound power level limits are shown for the values The PLS machines in this catalogue are standard Level A, half-key balancing obtained for the machines described in this catalogue. P N N where: Vibration levels of machines with frame size not included in the standard will have to be agreed in advance between customer and supplier.

Electric Motor: Leroy Somer Electric Motor

For industris long as the price has not been paid in full, the Client is required to inform the Seller, within twenty-four hours, of the sequestration, requisition or confiscation of the Products for the benefit of a third party, and to take all protective measures to make known the Seller s property right in the event of action by creditors, and to cause such right to be respected.

Customs tariff More information.

How the efficiency of induction motor is measured? Star connection Bearings DE: The table below gives flange-motor compatibility.