Did you ever read or hear Chemical Secret? Ok! Today, i will talk about Chemical Secret named by Tim Vicary. First, this book’s main characters. THRILLER & ADVENTURE. Tim Vicary. CEFR B1 Word count 10, The job was too good. There had to be a problem – and there was. John Duncan was an . The job was too good. There had to be a problem – and there was. John Duncan was an honest man, but he needed money. He had children to look after.

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Chemical Secret by Tim Vicary

He put the phone down again. Email required Address never made public. Have you ever considered environment?

Since it’s an easy book, i would reccomend it to people who are just starting at reading English books. Before, during, and after reading activities included in the back of each book strengthen student comprehension. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. An example of water pollution is precisely the nuclear central of Fukushima that continues to pollute the sea world When I read this book, I felt little lonly, because I knew john’s thinking that he don’t want to lose his job, but he love his children from bottom of his heart.

John was trying to explain that this disease wasn’t because of the waste products from factory. He is so honest that he brought a charge to his boss, but he said it robs much people’s job. John Duncan was a very poor man he live with his daughter and son since his wife has pass away.


Chemical Secret – Tim Vicary – Google Books

The main character, who is John, is a scientist in a company. John Duncan found a new good job which he can earn much money, so his hamily, John and vicaey childlen, could change their life luxualy. But he doesn’t return past life. Educational discount pricing K12 schools, college bookstores, and other educational institutions with an Oxford account will receive an educational discount when placing their order through our Customer Service department.

The story is well written and not very difficult. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations sexret 323. When he’s not writing he likes horse-riding, cycling, and swimming.

English Language Teaching

However, he finds out that the chemicals that the company uses to make paints are very toxic, and it can even kill someone. Secrett you think animal experiments are necessary? And some of pe ‘chemical secret’ was shork to me. John couldn’t solve these problems and worried about it. Mary and John tried paints with water on the rats. He was ready to do anything, and his bosses knew it. Then the back of sail hit Christine hard on the back of the head, so she felt into the water, but Simon saved her.


Mr Duncan remembered those rat babies with six legs and he started to be frighten about his daughter’s baby, so he told the whole truth.

They throw the paint into the water source. Then he bought some and went to the hospital.

Please look forward vciary my review. After he got much money, they could spend rich life. He and his children lived little house. And the job was like a poison inside him. I would say the truth because we should not admit it.

The final scene was not written, so readers have to vicqry the baby is strange or not. The company became very successful and John made a lot of money. He knows his work is bad. The company throw out chemical product into a river. He goes and works at the factory because he wants to buy a better house for him and his childeren.

I want to denounce, but I will be afraid of losing my job.

One day Simon and John daughter when to see the water pipe close to the factory to look what cause it. Project Gutenberg 0 editions.