Cordia dodecandra in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Color/Appearance: Color ranges from medium to dark brown, sometimes with either a green or purple hue, with darker bands of black growth rings intermixed. It’s the Ciricote, CORDIA DODECANDRA, a member of the Borage Family, in which we also find Bluebells, Forget-me-nots, Comfrey and Borage itself.

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The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, cprdia it may be completely wrong. In this pattern, stamen height and stigma-anther separation are the main morphological traits segregating individuals into two floral morphs. Journal of Plant Research Boraginaceae or anacahuita grows as a shrub or small tree with a maximum height of about 8 m.

Cordia dodecandra Images

When plotted, the first and second PCs showed the two floral morphologies: Description Z iricote is a flowering, fruiting and timber tree native to tropical America, its natural range extending from southern Mexico through Belize, Guatemala and Honduras to Cuba in the Caribbean. The generic name honours German botanist and pharmacist Valerius Cordus All variables were left untransformed, except for number of corolla lobules and stamens; these were square-root transformed to meet the assumptions of linearity required for PCA analysis.


It grows slowly to heights of up to 30 m 98 ft in its natural habitat, though it is more typically 15 to 20 m 50 to 65 ft tall and develops a straight trunk supporting a densely leafy, rounded or pyramidal crown made up of ascending branches. Reproductive incompatibility can only be suggested in C.

Flowering occurs during the regional dry season, from February to May.

Cordia dodecandra – Useful Tropical Plants

The above indices are dodecanda from a single sex organ height value e. Twenty-firstcentury tools promise to unravel a classic Nineteenth century model system. Ziricote [14] and bocote [15] are sometimes used as wood for making acoustic guitar backs and sides.

Annals of Botany Study area and sampling sites.

Rubiaceae in Brazilian Cerrado. Birds and Reserves of the Yucatan Peninsula. This page was last edited on 31 July dodecqndra, at Flowering occurs throughout the year and natural stands are common along the Yucatan Peninsula coast, growing in small, spatially interconnected groups Chan-Vermont et al.

I finish them with shellac applied as French Polish techniques. The ones shown at the right were coria right outside my door. Materials and methods Study species.

Morph ratios were estimated for each species to determine if the floral morph ratio remained equal between sites since this is a characteristic of distylous plants, in sufficiently large populations Barrett and Shore, ; Dodefandra and Barrett, New Zealand Journal of Botany Canadian Journal of Botany Inflorescences are cymose-panicles with hermaphroditic flowers with epipetalous stamens that are adnate to the corolla in their lower portion Miller, Sampling design and data analysis.


Curly Pio April 13, at Guido Masoero January 2, at Discovery of distyly in Narcissus Amaryllidaceae.

File:Cordia dodecandra Ciricote cozumel Is..jpg

The following page uses this file: Ziricote is reported to be naturally resistant to decay. The latter species exhibited less reciprocity between sexual organs in the two morphs and wider variation in organ positioning precision.

Contact us Site map Disclaimer. Principal components analysis of flower morphological traits identified segregation into two groups with characteristically distylous morphology.

It is valued for making high-end furniture, decorative veneer, musical instruments especially guitarsturned articles and other woodcraft, including carved wooden articles. It is very dusty, and the dust is somewhat sticky.