Corrupting the Image has 77 ratings and 15 reviews. Angela said: A very Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed Douglas Hamp. Corrupting the Image challenges the curious minded to think beyondtraditional opinion, as it delves deep into the core of original biblical te. I am going to begin a series of running posts that engage with a book written by Douglas Hamp; I believe it was accepted as his PhD.

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According to the Bible, there were giants on the earth before the days of the flood and hence finding a giant so far below the ground only serves to confirm the veracity of the Bible and the flood.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. During that final time of years until the flood the mingling continued married and given in marriage until the very last day when Noah entered the ark and God closed the door. Suffice it to say, you gave what I consider the most lucid, transparent and fluid account of Genesis 6: A fascinating theory with interesting ideas to ponder. This book will explain those Biblical topics that are puzzling and give you a deeper perspective. I highlighted a ton of things in this book.

The foot was dislodged by the miners at the 90 foot level of the mine. The problem is that according to evolution, no human should be found at such a depth as it would indicate the person to be millions of years old. No trivia or quizzes yet. Jeremy Wells rated it really liked it Sep 20, I only had one issue but it is pretty controversial, which wasn’t my issue, my issue was it was never put clear if the author knew this basic fact, or not.

The discovery of the skeleton has revived the old Aztec legend that in a prehistoric age a race of giants lived [in the] valley of Anahuac, a name given by the aboriginal Mexicans to that part of the Mexican plateau nearly corresponding to the modern valley of Mexico City. Douglas brings together, perhaps for the first time ever, a comprehensive explanation of how the Antichrist will be a genetic counterfeit of the virgin birth.


Hi Jeff, I have not seen the notification of your purchase. Permission granted to repost with a link back to http: First of all, we have seen that men began to multiply on the face of the earth and there were conceivably over ten billion people at the time!

A petrified foot more than two feet long was found in a coal mine near Lehigh by miners at Fort Dodge Iowa. Thanks for your understanding!

CCR Doug Hamp Interview for Corrupting the Image from Canary Cry Radio on podbay

However, I am glad that you liked the book. We are working on getting the e-book version up and ready. The giants of old are well documented and to deny ham existence is to in fact deny both Scriptural proof and archaeological and historical research.

When the Children of Israel saw the Nephilim they lost heart and did not trust that God could overcome the Nephilim. Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed. I lost my copy so I need to buy a couple more from you!

Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed

The Imave Irish Giant is by no means the only evidence. The gross weight is 2 tons 15 cwt. Romulo Luna, judge of the District, has taken possession of the skeleton which is complete with the exception of the skull. Open your eyes to what is coming, evil is on its douvlas, pray for strength. Chris February 21, at Yeah that sounds strange.

Given that there are so many fake pictures out on the internet, it seemed prudent to look for sources that predate things like Photoshop. Want to Read saving…. While I disagree with Hamp’s jamp rapture position, the scenario he presents of the grand deception that is stated in Scripture to take place in the end of days is quite plausible and conforms to the activities we see currently taking place.


Judging from his stature, Canaan was indeed a land that devoured its inhabitants.

No matter where you stand on biblical eschatology this book will affect you. Rob rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Mar 07, Jeremy Buzzard rated it really liked it. So much great information.

I felt the book’s concluding section was not as strong as the first corruptign sections, and could be more thoroughly researched and explained, though I do believe his conclusion is viable. We investigated and without reservation concluded that the sons of God were fallen angels; they were the same fallen corruptibg that Jude and Peter spoke about that are kept in chains of darkness reserved for judgment.

Do we see any of these things happening in our day? The principal measurements are: Without doubt we have seen corruptinv fallen angels mingled their seed genetic information with humans both before and after the days of Noah more fallen angels did it again.

TheWord allowed me to search words in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic and trace their usage throughout the entire Bible.

I have a loose connection with Hamp from years past. One thing is quite clear and that is something evil took place in Genesis 6 that angered God and it is apparent that same level of corruption is scheduled to take place in the end of days. Like Liked by 1 person. I wanted to discover if the seed of Eouglas Antichrist would be an imitation of the virgin birth and if so, how that was possible genetically. Great book for those that study the Bible and who want to understand all there is to know.