Download Cs System Software Question Bank With Answers. Mpsc question answer FREE. QUESTION PAPER QUESTION. System software questions and answers pdf. Please find the two mark questions with answers below for system software – CS subject. Question Bank: 1. Computer Networks (CN) (CS) (CS52) ( CS) Question bank 1 (2 marks with answers) – View / Download Question Bank 2 (2.

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Modification record is qith for program relocation. What is meant by program relocation? In the second instruction the memory reference is used. Write the absolute loader algm.

Sofware feature is referred to as automatic library search. When this statement is encountered the assembler resets its location counter to the specified value. Each modification record specifies the starting address and the length of the field whose value is to be altered and also describes the modification to be performed. What are called tokens?

Explain the following machine independent macro features.

One pass assembler that generate their object code in memory for immediate execution is known as load and go assembler. Register direct, register deferred, auto increment and decrement, program counter relative, base relative, index register mode and indirect addressing are the various addressing modes in VAX architecture.

Define load and go assembler. During the translation first the object anwwers is converted into its corresponding machine language equivalent with the help of OPTAB.

CS2304 System Software Question bank – 16 Marks Questions | Anna university CSE 5th Semester

In the line 10 the address is and the instruction is RESW 4. Modification record method and relocation bit method. A-accumulator Used for arithmetic operation. Displa Displacement lies between 0 to Displacement lies between — to 8. Environmental science and engineering Questions B What are the basic functions of loaders.


These are the statements that are not translated into machine instructions,but they provide instructions to assembler itself.

How the register to register instructions are translated in assembler? How do you calculate the actual address in the case of register indirect with immediate index mode? Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. It gives the beginning address in memory where the linked program is to be loaded.

The numeric format is used to represent numeric values with one digit per byte. This software makes it possible for the user to focus on the other problems to be solved with out needing to know how the machine works internally. The error handler is used to check if there is an error in the program. Macro time variable can be used to store working values during the macro expansion.

Voice-input devices, which translate spoken words to their questuon equivalents, may prove to be the text input devices of the future. Give the functions of the linking loader.

CS System Software Two Marks and 16 Marks with Answers – SEC Edition

What are the addressing modes used in VAX architecture? Define compiler and interpreter. The main disadvantage of interpreter is that the execution time of interpreted program is slower than that of a corresponding compiled object program. Draw SS instruction format. What is meant by automatic library search? Object code generation b. Write the steps required to translate the source program to object program.


Here the address of the operand is 5 and its corresponding value is 7.

Such references between control are called external references. What are the data structures used in macro processor? Debugging functions and capabilities 2. Update the view appropriately. Linkin The re Time g loader editor the pro location and linking is performed each It produces a linked version of a program and Here t h gram is loaded whichis written in a file for later execution e loading can be accomplished in a single Two passes are required In static executable, all external symbols are bound and ready to run.

CS System Software Question Bank With Answers – RANJANI Edition

MAR memory address register is used to store the address of the memory from which the data is to be read or to which the data is to be written.

What is the use of macro time variable? Define bit mask The relocation bits are gathered together following the length indicator in each text record and which is called as bit mask.

Define automatic library search. If the sign appears in a separate byte preceding the first digit then it is called as leading separate numeric.