For use of this form, see AR ; the proponent agency is DCSLOG. 1. ISSUE. ITEM. 2. TURN-IN. 5. PAGE. 6. FOR LOCAL USE. DA FORM , JUL. Download Fillable PDF Format Click Below ▽ Download XFDL IBM Lotus Forms Viewer/Pure Edge Format Click Below. REQUEST FOR ISSUE AND TURN-IN OF AMMUNITION CONTINUATION SHEET DOCIC NSN DA FORM , JUL NOMENCLATURE 4 .

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The forms listed below are needed to issue munitions. The following actions must be considered when planning a shipment: Military ammunition inspectors, QASAS, or other qualified personnel inspect all incoming, loaded transports before they enter the storage area, regardless of the transportation mode.

Also, the potential exists for operations to be concluded without expenditure of munitions. The flowchart in Figure is a guide for planning and conducting efficient issue operations. Encourage units to return munitions in original packaging. This process must be established as early as possible and understood by ammunition support units and using units.

DA Form 581-1 Request for Issue and Turn-in of Ammunition Continuation Sheet

Recent Articles Where do I place my oak leaf clusters on the suspension ribbon of my full sized medal? For dx and economy, commands must encourage 581- to return munitions in original packaging. Planning also includes assigning enough people and equipment to complete the operation safely and efficiently. Includes ammunition management data required to process the transaction in SAAS.

Transport inspections ensure that the mission can be completed with minimal danger to personnel and that there will be no loss of munitions due to unsafe conditions. Stocks received by an ammunition supply unit are recorded on stock records, reported to the appropriate MMC, and stored for subsequent shipment or issue. See DA 581-11 for motor vehicle shipment regulations, precautions and safe handling procedures, inspection criteria, and technical escort procedures.


da form –

Priority Normal High Medium Low. See DA Pam for added guidance.

What award is related to the Award Abbreviation: Airfields must have staging areas where documents may be prepared and bulk shipments can be received and prepared for shipment.

Stays with ammunition during shipment. Conduct a detailed inventory during or after the unloading process. Check unit SOP for guidance if ammunition is arriving by a particular mode of transportation.

Each storage facility maintains a list of the units it supports. Salvage materiel is stored in the inert ra area. Basis for advance planning; speeds movement of cargo at terminals and other transshipment and transfer points. Are you looking for an unbiased outside opinion? Emphasis is more stringent in SASO where using units fogm exercise greater control. Ensure security of munitions throughout entire operation. It can also be used for writing SOPs for ammunition 518-1.

Steering for safe operation. However, when Class V items are involved, transportation personnel may require technical daa and assistance from ammunition unit personnel. Do you have a question about Army regulation?

After each motor vehicle is off-loaded, it is driven to the vehicle assembly area and returned to the control of the convoy commander. Receipt must not be confused with unit turn-in. Prepared by the requesting unit and presented to the storage facility for issue. When possible, the arrival of loaded vehicles will coincide with aircraft availability.

Depending on the type of operation, some munitions may not be authorized for issue, even if they are available at the storage facility. Used to track movement of munitions within the 5881-1 facility.


FM Chptr 3 Munitions Supply Procedures

Using units may be required to turn in salvage and residue materiel, including expended cartridge cases, containers, wooden boxes, and metal cans. With proper controls, ammunition managers at all levels can comply with sudden changes in priorities and allocations of munitions assets.

Drivers must keep the form in their possession at all times while transporting munitions. Acceptable substitutes from excess stocks. A Hazardous Materials Declaration, or facsimile-formatted document, must be attached to each pallet of ammunition to be shipped by military or commercial aircraft. In routine operations, ammunition shipments between storage facilities are directed by MRO only from the supporting theater firm corps MMC.

Issue only serviceable munitions. DD Form or a facsimile 518-1 document may be used to request transportation for a shipment. The MCA schedules transportation according to theater or corps priorities. Salvage turn-ins must also be accounted for on stock records.

Da Form 581

Discrepancies in quantity or condition of ammunition are reported to the shipper using an SFReport of Discrepancy. Tracks the movement of munitions within the storage facility. Use information from multiple sources when making important professional decisions. Ammunition receipt operations include completion of administrative details, inspection of vehicles, and 5811- of ammunition at the designated storage location.

The MCT notifies the receiving activity of the departure time, estimated time of arrival, transportation mode and number of transportation units involved, and other information needed to plan for receipt.