Hitler’s War has ratings and 34 reviews. Breathing said: You will not find a more detailed account on Hitler’s decisions towards and during the war. Wojna Hitlera -David Irving. 2 likes. Book. Wojna Hitlera -David Irving. Privacy · Terms. About. Wojna Hitlera -David Irving. Book. 2 people like this topic. Do najbardziej znanych książek Irvinga należą: Wojna Hitlera (Hitler’s War, ; wyd. pol. ); The David Irving jest żonaty, ma pięć córek. Mieszka w.

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View all 4 comments. Mar 31, Jarmil Dufek rated it really liked it. It is more like WW2 behind closed doors, but from Hitler and the German’s point of view. And then there are those who like to question and reason.

Critics and historians themselves seem divided in opinion about the work of Irving. It was eye-opening to see the war unfurling from the Axis perspective. His work is still used worldwide at the university level. Return to Book Page.

Irving quoted Goebbels’ diary of March,as evidence that Hitler was kept in the dark about the killings in Auschwitz and Treblinka. An incredibly well researched book. This is a really good book backed by an amazing amount of research and proof. San Diego, CA, U. Some declare him the authority on WW2, others label him a forger and fraud. In he wojha arrested and jailed for a year in Austria, for lectures he gave in in which he “trivialized the holocaust”.

Jan 09, Mementomori rated it really liked it.

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The book is marvelous, but the story of how this monstrous historical narrative was written is just as exciting. There are those who go with the flow.


I don’t care what anyone has to say negative that is about this book. You will not find dafid more detailed account on Hitler’s decisions towards and during the war.

A thoroughly insightful view of probably the 20th century most influential leader, reviled, hated and written off. David Irving did a great job here. The text is in Italian. His books are mostly about the second world war and the Third Reich including topics like Josef Goebbels, Winston Churchill and the bombings of Dresden.

Hitler From Oddball Books

Although Irving went off the rails later in his career, that should detract in no way from this, his magnum opus. I found nothing I would call Holocaust denial. Indeed, it seems that many of the Nazi brass would do things their own way regardless. Find Rare Books Ihtlera Value.

He has traveled Europe and scoured stacks and archives, read diaries and conducted countless interviews. I saw a video where he claimed that when he first submitted it for publication the publisher said great book but we need pages about the 6 million Jews who were gassed to death.

It’s a long read As a result of the Lipstadt trial, this book unfairly earned a reputation of holocaust denial. The Nazi ideologies were so widespread that it intimidated half the world about the consequences if it was left unchecked and would come to power. Hitler’s war is a must read for everyone vavid think Hitler was the only Irvijg monger who dragged Europe into World War 2 while no one blame it on Winston Churchill. The book was signed in person.

Irving’s knowledge- the book has an insane amount of sources, most of them primary- is beyond what other historians can aim for.


Evans finds it highly flawed. Once over three-million strong it was reduced to just a few thousand by the industrialised killing of Hitler’s regime. The book is meticulously researched and showcases the author’s great writing style that draws the reader into the text. Trivia About Hitler’s War. As hitleta man divorced from his larger works, he is not easily liked. The book was vavid in person at an event just outside the Los Angeles area.

David Irving brands critics ‘little Nazis’

Perhaps Irving is to be condemned for his neutral historian’s voice or his belief that war crimes were committed on all sides of the front? The points often being argued dabid, such as whether Hitler knew about the Holocaust or not, whether the final death toll of Jews was 5 or 6 million, all of these points are minor details anyway.

The focus seems to be mainly irvng, mixed in with some political intrigue within the ranks and without. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Officials at other camps said they would allow the historian to take wonja group round but stressed they would “monitor” the visits, and warned they would call the police if he made any comments that broke Polish laws prohibiting the denial of Nazi crime.

By Matthew Day in Warsaw. He shows how Irving hid some of the worst statements about the Jews in footnotes, or mistranslated the German to make them sound almost innocuous.