Hell on Earth Classic: The Wasted West – The Hell on Earth worldbook gives you the details on all the things we hinted at in the core rulebook. Home / Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic / Hell on Earth Classic: The Wasted West. Hell on This is a must-have for any player or Marshal in the Wasted West. Home / Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic / Hell on Earth d Horrors of the of the Wasted West contains all of the monsters from the original Hell on Earth.

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The priests of old could call down columns of Hellfire, and we Templars today can heal a wound with a touch. The bastard finally appeared in Texas on a stark-white horse. They threw in with the Southerners and attacked the North through New England and Washington State—after taking out the border defenses with tac-nukes. All of them are nearly unbeatable but were once as human as you and me. It’s the Wasted West. After that, there were huge battles in Hekl, Africa, and South America.

Data is recorded on extremely durable metal slugs about the size of modern-day AAA batteries that can hold several terabytes of data.


Deadlands: Hell on Earth – Wikipedia

He gains Wind back at the rate of 1 point every 30 seconds or six combat roundsinstead of the usual 1 point per minute. This gives the bike enough lift to jump roughly 10 feet in the air.

The cloud lasts 12 rounds under ideal conditions. You got to give the man a few points for loyalty.

wxsted You may find this stuff pointless now, but one day it may prove important. The Last Sons hunted down and murdered the Old Ones, which freed the manitous from their curse. It even had its own army: Languages Polski Edit links. Anyone failing the roll is at —4 to all actions that round.

I was a doctor—well, nearly a doctor—before the bombs fell. The Hell on Earth Companion Tom Fowler Graphic Design: In that case, Judgment Day was real, and those of us left here are forsaken. However, the drug can work too well. A suit takes 1d6 minutes to take off.

That cleared the way for the second land force: Greedy —2 Enemy —3: Fossil Fuels Internal combustion engines were the rule rather than the exception out West. Rest in peace, Tara. Just remember one thing: Of course, these high doses could actually harm a careless user, and the drug was carefully regulated before the Apocalypse. It also has a built in targeting system and heartbeat sensor see Accessories below. The kit includes a mold and a small electric crucible for melting the slug material. Power drain is one charge per five minutes of operation.


The cloud lingers for 12 rounds. Along came another Indian shaman named Raven.

The Wasted West (Deadlands: Hell on Earth RPG)

Unlike the pistol, the IW— Posse: An explosive shell from the MPSW does 4d12 damage to any target it impacts, then wwst for 3d8 damage with a Burst Radius of 3 yards. In cold environments, make one at morning and one at dusk.

I would have been drafted too—women got the draft starting inI think—but I lucked out. Ten years later, the US had their own breed of super soldiers. Hand me those scraps. As these radioactive isotopes decay, they emit particles which ionize the atmosphere and create serious interference with radio communication.