the impact of French imperialism on Indochina. · the rise of Vietnamese nationalism and war against the French. · the growth of Vietnamese. In the s, the jungled regions of Indo-China were occupied by a number of asiatic peoples organized into several different kingdoms and. The USA provide aid to the French in their fight to retain control of Indochina. By this time the ‘Domino Theory’ is generally accepted by the US.

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Meanwhile, Siam took over control of those areas, in anticipation of the upcoming treaty. French Togoland James Island Albreda. To confiscate the banks and other enterprises belonging to the imperialists and put them under the control of the worker-peasants and soldier government.

The telegram was held up by French authorities in Saigon, and did not arrive in until nine days later, five days too late.

Their occupation resulted in the growth of nationalist ideologies as the state of their nation with alternative visions for the country and the desire for independence becoming increasingly common. Ho Chi Minh resisted the Japanese for three years, for he was arrested by the Chinese in for entering China without valid travel documents.

English as a Second Language. Ho Chi Minh agreed to the above because he realized Vietnam needed French economic aid. Therefore, Ho and the determination of his army was a very significant aspect for the outbreak of the Vietnamese Conflict in Thus, a stable anticommunist French Government was important, especially after the loss of China inand the invasion of South Korea in The Geneva Accords of 21 July put an end to the conflict and France was obliged to leave the country.

Today, French continues to be taught as a second language in the former colonies and used in some administrative affairs. If the document is not of an acceptable quality or the document was incorrectly described or categorised, Thinkswap will provide a full refund of Exchange Credits so you can purchase another document.

The Decolonization of Indochina by Ives MacKinnon on Prezi

The enforcement of corvee days of compulsory government labour further diminished the ability of peasants to maintain their own subsistence existence, displacing more and more of the poorest vietnamese people These economic factors resulted in kndochina and nationalism movements desperate to see the liberation of Vietnam.


Studies of Religion I. The first Indo-China War was an effort on the part of the Vietnamese to gain independence, on the part of the French, decolonosation was an effort to regain national prestige and international stature through the retention of its colonies, and on the part of the United States, it was an effort to contain communism.

The French Government adopted the plan as a final effort to salvage some return on a massive investment and to assure continued American support. The day after the French defeat, Ho Chi Minh sends his congratulations to his troops.

Vanguard force of this camp is the Soviet Union. After French rule ended, the French language was still largely used among the new governments with the exception of North Vietnam.

Scattered islands in the Indian Ocean. France also occupied the western part of Chantaburi. Ho Chi Minh was a key figure in regard to influencing the ihdochina of Vietnamese nationalism and communism.

The French continued to decolonization Siam, and in they manufactured another crisis. Counter-revolutionary Camp-national capitalism and imperialism whose general staff was the League of Nations. Includes a list of possible essay questions.

Decolonization and Indo-China

Additionally, the Ceasefire agreements recognized the right of both Laos and Cambodia to self-determination, but to ease Chinese fears of American intervention, they were not allowed to enter military alliances or permit bases on their soil except in cases where their security was clearly threatened.

Thailand took this opportunity of weakness to reclaim previously lost territories, resulting in the Franco-Thai War between October and 9 May However, Ho lamented to Sainteny that the agreement was a victory for France, for he had received less than what he wanted, but Ho realized that he could not achieve everything in one day. The Japanese kept power in Indochina until the news of their government’s surrender came through in August. Subsequent efforts by the French military managed to improve their situation only in the short term.

Which groups is he not concerned about? In Septemberfourteen French gunships, 3, men and Filipino troops provided by the Spanish [6] attacked the port of Tourane present day Da Nangcausing significant damage and occupying the city.

The superb organization skills of Ho and the Viet Minh and the tactics of General Giap helped reached the defeat and liberation of Communism in the North. Union indochinoise ; Vietnamese: Carefully-prepared food, made by the successive leaders of the Fourth Republic.


On 21 Julythe Peace Accords were signed in Geneva. InSiam modern Thailand renounced suzerainty over Cambodia and officially recognised the French protectorate on Cambodia, in exchange for the control of Battambang and Siem Reap provinces which officially became part of Thailand.

Copy of Decolonisation of Indochina – Year 11 Modern History by Melissa Norris on Prezi

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. Thus, Sainteny along with others in the French Government urged negotiations with Ho. The coalition continued to function in an aimless manner until May when the PCF was evicted from the government after the French finally decided to back the West in the Cold War. Overthrow French imperialism, feudalism, and the reactionary Vietnamese capitalist class 2.

The only thing that could have saved the French was American airstrikes, for both French and American military experts concluded that it was impossible to move artillery into the area. French Protectorate of Cambodia.

French Indochina

The final act of major aggression by the French colonial government was their approval of the French navy to shell the Viet Minh sections of Haiphong harbour. Berbice France Antarctique Inini. The Agreements mandated unification on the basis of internationally supervised free elections to be held in July Thus, near the end of the Second World War decolonization was a major issue for the Allies especially the French who desperately wanted to retain their colonial possessions after the war.

The country was separated in provinces and districts at each level a mandarin was at charge. When French Indochina was viewed as an economically important colony for France, the French government set a goal to improve the transport and communications networks in the colony. France obtained control over northern Vietnam following its victory over China in the Sino-French War — To make Indochina completely independent 3.

Under the Geneva Accords of in addition to the above and French withdrawal from Vietnam, and other provisions, the country would be reunified by election in the summer of