All hell breaks loose in Meljean Brook’s erotic, supernatural debut novel. Lilith, a demon, has spent years tempting men and guaranteeing their. Behind the Story. DEMON ANGEL was conceived around the summer of , was originally a story titled HARBINGERS, and it starred comic book heroes in an . “With The Iron Duke, Meljean Brook has brilliantly defined the new genre of Steampunk “Sensual and intriguing, Demon Moon is a simply wonderful book.

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Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City.

He’s like a man who has been struggling through the desert for an eternity and suddenly finds water. Feb 01, Martina the Book Fairy rated it really liked it. Lists with This Book. The heroine, Lilith, seems lacking in any de,on qualities and thus I could not understand Hugh’s desire to “save” her.

I had really high hopes for this book, having heard such great things about this writer. He smiled and pushed her hair away from her face with his bloodstained hand. Demon Moon, Meljean Brook’s second full-length book, overwhelmed me with its brilliance, but also perplexed me with its complexity.

Jul 11, Breann rated it really liked it Shelves: Fans of angels and demon themes, love stories that span the ages, virgin heroes. He glanced down at the man in his arms when Thaddeus shifted angsl groaned. Aug 28, Katyana rated it really liked it Recommended to Katyana by: Nor does he feel that he must conform to the vampire rules of drinking only from consorts, willing humans, and vampires.

Wyrmwolves, dragons, and other terrifying creatures roam the fire laden land ripping chunks abgel each other while the screams from meljsan bodies above resound with everlasting terror. Here I’ll run down the positive and negative things about it. Until she said she was a bit tired and he said what he said. I qngel off reading this book for years. The first part begins in the middle ages where Hugh is a young squire newly knighted.


On his way home from two years protecting his Lords child bride in France, he meets Lilith at some roman ruins close to his destination after investigating a mysterious flash of movement. Hugh did admit that even though he was a virgin, he had centuries to imagine what he could do to her.

Demon Angel by Meljean Brook : Book Review

Lilith’s determination to serve Lucifer baffles Hugh while hardening his heart to her. Their odd almost friendship spans centuries I chose San Francisco for one simple reason: In this book, all those qualities came together to Hugh and Lilith I love paranormal romance. His purpose has always been to thwart the demon Lilith, even as he battles his treacherous hunger for her.

Lilith tries to lure him, and Hugh parries- yet admirably edmon a gentleman, though she throws herself at him repeatedly. What can I say?

Demon Moon

If I had not gone back to read the short stories, I’d have been annoyed, feeling as if I was missing some subtext, throughout this book. There is an instant attraction between them, though they both fight it.

She vanished her wings and turned in his arms to look at him in surprise, unmindful of the blade he held against the side of her wngel.

I do think I’ll pick up the second book, though, as I liked those particular characters in this book and have hopes that the author will tighten up her prose a bit. Why had he worn its livery? Once a knight and now a Guardian Hugh spent centuries battling demons – and the cursed, blood-drinking nosferatu.


They were instrumental in forcing Lucifer into closing the Gates of Hell for the next years. Simply Hugh, without having to steal a kiss or bargain him into it. She closed her eyes, and there was silence. As a demon halfling, Lilith was forbidden her humanity.

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I anxiously await to start the next book. Instead she had Lilith and Hugh waiting for Savi brkok the reader to laugh at us. If I’m being honest, the premise also made me uncomfortable.

Dec 12, Kathy Davie rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 3 comments. Lilith because she is bound by a bargain with Lucifer and part demon, Hugh fights because it goes against his morals and code of conduct.

That, I would argue, is weird. That series guide is also on my website, including a “The Story So Far” feature, which allows you to catch up on all of mekjean books that previously released hrook the series if you start after the first installment.

Because I’m feeling lazy today, here’s the blurb from the back of the book: The die-hard romantic in me couldn’t help but be enthralled with this concept.

This book was full of emotion and centuries of wanting from afar!!!