posts. Sadly at the moment we don’t have a PDF of the DiggaNob rulebook which contained the rules for Diggaz, Mutiez and Rebel Grotz. and campaign running), Digganob (expanded fluff, new factions, special Instead of having rules for the number of occupant in a trukk, one. digganob rule. Copyright: © All Documents Similar To GorkaMorka-Digganob. Gorkamorka Badgof’s Gorkamorka House Rules (Version ). Uploaded by.

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Digganob, boxed supplement for Gorkamorka

The Gorka rules work fine for the small numbers used. The game is based on 2nd or 3rd edition rules of WH40kso it would just need a overhaul to 5th edition.

Is there a Gorkamorka Living Rulebook? Visit eBay’s page on international selling. If Orks have a weakness at all, it can be said to be their dependence on “oddboyz” to run their mob at full strength; Spannaz keep the vehicles working, Slaverz keep the Grots who give orks a small but vital boost in income generation in line, so if either of these go down, your mob suffers a serious blow.

All warbands start with a pool of points, representing in-universe currency, and this is used to buy all of the warband’s fighters, and their equipment, and any upgrades – so, needless to say, it’s very important to consider your options. Due to certain little incidents, like the orkish inclination towards factionalism and a civil war that destroyed the miracle machine once they couldn’t decide whether it looked like Gork or Morkthe Orks of Angelis are ruled by their Mekboyz, who are busy working on Diggganob – the aforementioned miracle machine – and keep the other Orks distracted by making them fight to gather the most scrap.


This page was last modified on 1 Augustat Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens rulss a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab. Many mysteries surround the heavily modified cybork known only as “Da Krusher”. Have one to sell?

Its selling point is that it was themed as the story of mobs of Orks fighting for survival, entertainment and riches upon the desert world of Angelis. I can’t remember exactly. More devout mekboyz are, of course, irritated by this lack of devotion – and dihganob fact the upstarts are getting rich. Visit my eBay shop. Being too close to other orks, especially when they’re fighting, makes Nazgrub’s head hurt, which only tends to alleviate itself in a random but spectacular flare of telekinetic energy.

Maybe GorkaMorka could never reach this level because no matter how creative somebody is with the Mob rules, they just wouldn’t have the variety that we saw in Mordheim.


Adds a little more planning to the game and works well for” tailing and racing rules” if number 6 below is also used.

Nazgrub kind of fits both categories. The game was never released, most likely due to the Dreamcast losing support early in its life. Frequently bought together Feedback on our suggestions – Frequently bought together. In this, Gorkamorka is more forgiving than Necromunda, as there’s no official rules about members deserting if your income is too low; it just means you got no extra currency to spend on anything like upgrading weapons, getting damage repaired, or buying new warband members.

Morkers are more tech-focused, so they’re smarter but not as killy: Its best to have as many specialized vehicles as possible, with back-ups and spares as needed.

  G121SN01 V3 PDF

This amount is subject to change until you make payment. I would use the latest version of Necromunda rules for Gorkamorka. Views Read Edit View history. The most expedient way to avert crisis is always by the indiscriminate extinction of anything that stands in your way. When he couldn’t get any funding, he took matters into his own hands; stealing an assload of valuable parts, he created the first, and only, Deffkopta on Angelis. The vehicle stuff can stay the same. Gorkamorka is one of the Specialist Games set in the Warhammer universe.

Gorkamorka – 1d4chan

The item you’ve selected wasn’t added to your basket. Dregmek Blitzkart is one such mek; possibly cursed with the Speed Freek gene, Dregmek was always obsessed with the idea of getting orks into the air. Diggas have forgotten all about their ancestral connections to the Imperium and have come to revere Orks as the most awesome and impressive creatures they have ever seen.


Unfortunately, these devices are extremely unpredictable, and put you at the mercy of the random number god. This is a concept that not only is a 6 always a success, but it give you an additional benifit, such as you get to roll an extra dice to-hit shooting and close combator if you roll 6″ to thrust, then you get to thrust an additional D6 “, and other cool things.