DIGIFORCE® covers areas of application which, for financial reasons, have not allowed continuous force vs. displacement monitoring thus far. In the past. DIGIFORCE. ®. Interface Commands. RS / / Ethernet valid as of software version: V Status: February Note. Find great deals for burster Digiforce Module Type # v v. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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A high-performance real-time operating system optimises the controller processes to a very rapid cycle which provides results using the global valuation system OK or NOK in only a few milliseconds. Interfaces documentation DE EN. To sign up please use our contact form. High-performance hardware and software architecture forms the foundation for this universal controller, which fits well into any process environment and boasts an unparalleled level of precision.

Process monitoring from the pioneers in the field. In addition to data backup and parameterization, the useroriented PC software DigiControl permits archiving, displaying and recording of measuring curves and process data for single and multi-channel applications. Integrated Assembly Servo Press.

Extremely rapid measurement digiforrce quick evaluation. Instruments driver and programming examples X64 EN. Obviously, such methods can provide misleading results.

Always state-of-the-art quality and technology. Strain gauge Potentiometer Process signal analog Piezo. After internal evaluation, the measurement curve and computed evaluation results are visualized on the colour display and are also output at the external control interfaces.

– X-Y Process Controller

Universal process-controller for monitoring press-fit and joining operations, torque and process curves, plus spring and switch testing, including resistance measurement, signal testing and leak detection:. Digiforcs service interface on the front Perfect networking thanks to flexible fieldbus integration Display and analysis of last 50 measurements Management of worker, admin and ID data Ethernet connection to PC or server environment Individual. Unsurpassed performance scope in ist class.


Even the basic version supports full device configuration, creation of backups, reading and displaying measurement curves including all evaluation results and statistics storage. Support all relevant fieldbus interfaces. Windows check threading, curve characteristics, hysteresis, gradient, final force and position Controls up to 10 work pieces per second 32 different models of work pieces in 32 measuring programs, fast change by PLC Provides extensive data about process status Easy-to-use diagnostic tools for counter-measures Built-in statistical functions.

Even during the process, live signals enable an immediate response to unusual measurements so that countermeasures can be taken immediately, for instance retracting a press.

Input Type DC Voltage. Solve even your most difficult monitoring tasks with flexible evaluation elements and mathematical dgiiforce. From advice to service, all our know-how at your disposal.

Especially economical press-fit and process monitoring For manual workstations and automated systems For strain gauges, piezo, potentiometric sensors and process signals. If you continue to use the website, we assume your consent. Please Register an Account or Login. Do you want to digiorce more information through our newsletter?

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Burster | The Measurement Solution.

Please send me more information. Thanks to the versatile window and envelope technology used to monitor the process, it is digirorce to keep an eye on critical factors such as operating mistakes, out-of-tolerance components, missing parts or even incomplete process operations.


OK Learn more about the use of cookies. Command-line console for serial interface V You were not able to visit us at the Motek?

Instruments driver and programming examples X86 EN. Decentralized single control systems or multi-channel monitoring lines such as those often required in simultaneously working press-fit stations, can now be realized even more economically using the new switch gear cabinet modules for example.

Lean back and enjoy the benefits of our service: With the fieldbus interfaces, you are flexible, quick and perfectly connected and you save time, costs and other resources when linking to and integrating into existing systems. A very important field in the advancing clinch technology is the jointing of two mating parts without additional fasteners. Automated sensor recognition and setup of evaluation elements. Because every hit counts. For more security in your production process.

Digiforce 9310

Process security at a fair price. This is all done through digiforcce research, development and production headquarters in Germany. The automated sensor recognition due to burster TEDS lets you play it absolutely safe and protects you from unwanted erroneous parameters.

The high-performance software package DigiControl has additional functions to further increase process availability and reliability.