by: Henry Z. Kister. Abstract: There are many books that discuss distillation, but there is only one that concentrates on giving readers practical guidelines for. Distillation Operation by Henry Z Kister A good Reference Book for distillation Chapter 1 Distillation Troubleshooting Chapter 10 Column. Distillation. Operation. Henry Z. Kister. C. F. Braun, Inc. McGraw-Hill, Inc. New York St. Louis San Francisco Auckland Bogotá. Caracas Lisbon London Madrid.

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Distillation Operation

Kister is a Senior Fellow and distiillation of fractionation technology at Fluor Corporation. He has 30 years of experience in troubleshooting, revamping, field consulting, design, control, and startup of fractionation processes and equipment.

He is the author of the textbooks Distillation Troubleshooting and Distillation Operation, as well as 80 published technical articles, and has taught the IChemE-sponsored “Practical Distillation Technology” Course more than times.


There are many books that discuss distillation, opeations there is only one that concentrates on giving readers practical guidelines for operation, troubleshooting and control. Distillation Operation is that book. Its contents revolves around over actual case histories of distillation problems.

Each problem and its solution are briefly described, and the lessons learned are included in the practical guidelines that make up the book. Carefully focused, the book shows you how over hemry percent of all column malfunctions occurred in the past, how they were solved, and how to prevent them in the future.

Starting with column internals and their malfunctions, it progresses to installation, commissioning, startup and operatiojs operation before surveying the auxiliary system and the column automatic controls—how they should be, how they can go wrong, and how you can repair them.

This book offers the best available compendium of do’s and opeerations, good practices, and guidelines for trouble-free design; operation and troubleshooting for inlets and outlet s; distributors; avoiding tray damage; installation; commissioning and startup techniques; column flood and efficiency testing; pressure, and temperature and boilup control. Table of Contents A.


Distillation Operation

Bottom Section and Column Outlets 5. Gravity Lines and Instrument and Access Connections 6. Tray and Downcomer Layout 7.

Mechanical Requirements for Trays 8. Internals Unique to Packed Towers 9. Distillation Overpressure Relief Column Assembly and Preparation for Commissioning Column Startup and Shutdown Flooding, Foaming, Efficiency Reboiler and Condenser Operation and Troubleshooting Basic Distillation Control Operationss Reboiler, Condenser, and Pressure Controls Temperature and Composition Control Miscellaneous Column Controls Columns That Did Not Work: Sign in Username Password Forgot password?