I’ve been trying to read the rule book for the old FASA RPG, but it is stiff going. It seems to be a mixed bag of trying to make rules and trying to. A FASA Doctor Who role-playing game resource site. FASA – Doctor Who RPG – The Iytean Menace – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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The Cybermen were on the move again! The players earlier actions affect the details of the finale, but its basic nature remains the same. Rpt was followed by several separately published adventures and supplements for the game, which provided details about the Daleksthe Cybermen and the Master.

The alien creature system custom tailored to Doctor Who? Most of the fun I had with it mainly came from my invention as a DM of the situations than through the mechanics.

The Space-Time Vortex | FASA Doctor Who RPG Resource Site

Has the archaeological excavation of an ancient Druidic mound awakened something that was better left undisturbed? Fandom Whoniverse Popular culture Merchandise Awards and nominations.

These volumes present the definitive work on the Daleks, compiled by Professor Qualenawtivanastech, the Celestial Intervention Agency expert on the subject. Cast Supporting characters Guest appearances. As time runs out, the adventurers race to their final confrontation with the Legions of Death. Who books Vortex Crystal They were cooperating from the start because individual characters could not get every single skill.

Docgor [ show ].

FASA Doctor Who RPG Resource Site

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The cooperation of the Ydarans is vital. Too bad, too, that they’ve forgotten the rest of the universe exists Tuesday, 29th March, To join the Doctor in his adventures to defeat the foes of the universe, you only need your imagination, a pencil, some paper, and this game!


The cover featured the Second Doctor and Victoria Waterfield. And the Sontarians and the Rutans are battling to see who wins the galaxy. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This streamlining is the game’s principal strength, but the source of its main weakness – its granularity.

Almost any Sci-Fi system should handle it, once you have races statted gasa.

The one time I played a Dr Who game in the 80’s, we used the Call of Cthulhu rules – and in fact fsaa told that it was a game of Call of Cthulhu. Failure results in inaction, but if you are severely wounded it could also result in additional wound damage.

A lot of digital ink has been spent since then explaining why his views here are wrongheaded. Sunday, 24th November, The cover portrayed the Third Doctor.

He follows this up with a breakdown of three campaign types: What was the ancient evil, and how had it been awakened? The payoff of having the players make their own characters continued throughout the game. You will most assuredly be able to beam down. Stranded, cut off from help or contact with Gallifrey, the time travelers must ddoctor together to free themselves from old Japan, history from a madman’s plot, and humanity itself from oblivion in a distant but all-too-real future.

On doctoor off chance that you might want to do the same, doctr me tell you the basic features of these systems:. The 1st printing on the left white books contains information on the 6th Doctor missing in the later printings. Both of these paperback books were self-contained volumes, allowing the player to use a simplified version of the base game’s mechanics without the need to own the base game itself.


Rph Read Edit View history. This dodtor contains the deck plans of the courier ship and extensive notes to help the beginning gamemaster run a role playing adventure scenario. Similar Threads New Doctor Who: Giant starship and mobile world, Destiny of Ydar is both refuge and vengeance of a long-dead civilization which must be stopped, or worlds will die.

Skills got checked… and sonic screwdrivers got used. But they do not have much time.

Of course, the argument is not nearly as cut and dried as we tend to make it. History will be changed and an army of fanatic conquerors loosed upon the Galaxy if a Time Lord and his Companions cannot stop the renegade’s sinister plan. You have a skill level, and a difficultly level. Finally, the strangeness and the epic sweep of the classic episode that I used for the adventure was so mind blowing… the players seemed content just to gradually figure out what was going on and why.

No idea how it plays. This scenario was originally intended for Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Stranded, cut off from help or contact with Gallifrey, the time travellers must band together to free themselves from old Japan, history from a madman’s plot, and humanity itself from oblivion in a distant but all-too-real future. A senseless murder, over a strange artifact, was only the very beginning of the terror of The Iytean Menace.