It is now possible to JOIN a group and have network wide conferencing to thatgroup. DXSpider does not (and probably will not) implement the AK1A conference. The DXSpider User Manual v Ian Maude, G0VGS, ([email protected]). June revision 1. A complete reference for users of the DXSpider DXCluster . Next Previous Contents. 8. Web based statistics. From version , you can use the freeware software MRTG to produce really nice graphical statistics on your.

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Send a short message to any other station that is visible on the cluster system. Welcome to the DXSpider documentation wiki Updated to version 1.

Dxspiedr result predicts the most likely operating frequencies and signal levels for high frequency shortwave radio propagation paths on specified days of the year and hours of the day.

DXSpider Documentation Wiki

Create an ‘reject this announce’ line for a filter. Navy andused to predict the MUF given the predicted flux, day of the year,hour of the day and geographic coordinates of the transmitter andreceiver. It is expected that the sysop will add an entry to the local Aliases fileso that users can use the more familiar AK1A style of enquiry such as: This is an alias for: See each different accept or reject command reference formore details.


You can disable forwarding by: This is the default.

Telnet Access to DX Clusters and Reverse Beacon Network (RBN)

A typical example is: You can use 4 or 6 character locators. If the value is preceeded by an ‘m’ it means thatthere dxxpider likely to be much fading and by an ‘s’ that the signal is likelyto be noisy. Now in fact, this can be varied if you know what you are doing.

You can combine some of the various directory commands together eg: Setting a callsign as a ‘badnode’ will prevent spots from that node going any further. Show the internal status of a database descriptor. WC2L ; Skimmer capable.

ALL then the message shouldautomatically become a bulletin. You can select the language that you want the cluster to use. Some user programs cannot cope with this.

JOIN allows you to join a network wide conference group. You may or may not see the data echoed on the screen as you type, depending on the type of telnet client you have.

The DXSpider User Manual v Introduction

It was designed to be totally compatible with the AK1A program, although several commands have been extended to improve functionality. This command is really provided for future use.

It has developed rapidly and today is a very powerful cluster program. Tell the system that the call s are to be treated as DXSpider node andfed new style DX Protocol rather normal user commands. Note that the prefixes are converted into country codes so you don’t have to list all possible prefixes for each country. All the SEND commands will create a message which will be sent either toan individual callsign or to one of the ‘bulletin’ addresses.


This command is provided so that sysops can demonstrate commands to other users.

The DXSpider User Manual v1.51

The words can be one or more on a line, lines starting with ‘ ‘ are ignored. JOIN allows you to join a network wide conference group.

This is the generic user interface to the database to the database system. This usually means that they don’t send the user information usually associated with logging on and off the cluster. As default it willgive information for the next three hours for every five minute period. This command outputs a short section of the system log. Manyal can exist offsite. N5IN ; Skimmer capable.