VW doesn’t give up on diesel engines, unveils EA Evo TDI family with mild hybrid drive. The new liter engine will have outputs ranging. EA engine family is based on EA engine family. EA diesel shares displacement, cylinder spacing, stroke and bore ratio with. The all new EA common rail turbo diesel from VW is a 2L torque monster that meets the toughest next generation mg/mi particulate emissions targets set.

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I will switch to using the Honda PCX with all season riding gear when I turn ea288 the leaf, waiting for better automotive technology to enter the market place before I vote again with another purchasing choice.

Last edited by tdiinsc; September 13th, at In the end, I just see a lack of discussion and enthusiasm for the late model cars. Our Fuelly average for the lifetime of the car is Send a private message to oilhammer. Here I am ra288 a personal worse case cost projection to under budget so that fiscal accountability and long term financial security are built into the ti analysis of the Diesel Math: The will do it if I simply drive slower than 75mph.

I’ve been reading about the differences for a year, but I’m still at an impasse. I have extremely mixed feelings about this.


Which TDI is “better” the EA or the EA? – TDIClub Forums

August 19th, Archived from the original on 19 July Find More Posts by 16vjohn. March 25th, I still love the cars for all the same reasons I bought them. There’s no doubt the is more efficient.

Retrieved from ” https: Pulling on more than 40 years of TDI refinement and a modern clean technology philosophy, the latest engine leverages clean technologies to deliver TDI power in an environmentally responsible way.

I was hoping for some input from the forums ahem Last edited by 16vjohn; November 27th, at Your Leaf is a wonderful example of a commuter electric, but that’s all it is. I think there was an explanatory diagram of the coolant from VW somewhere when cold and when warm.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

We drove all these cars once, and drove each of he finalists the Passat and the Fusion again. However, the in the Passat has an oil filter accessible from the top in a much more convenient place. I’d keep ’em both.

List of Volkswagen Group diesel engines

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Scania engines. The Passat is heavier, but it has a lower drag coefficient Of course, Utah valley is pretty flat.

  CASFM 2012 PDF

Ew288 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If I do end up buying the Leaf at the end of the lease, I will invest in some seriously long extensions cords and a portable Level II charger that can be plugged in at RV parks.

VW unveils new EA Evo liter TDI turbodiesel family with volt mild hybrid system

Using advanced emissions control technologies new clean diesel vehicles effectively reduce particulate and NOx emissions to a level acceptable to future government emission regulations LEV3 and EU6.

Subaru diesel and v6 3. But again, not much of a track record on those either, as far as long term.

Sincerely, Mrs Alesya Balashova Email: I may even go super cheap and pick up an older Honda Civic used or something clean and efficient that is ew288 priced, as a placeholder in my vehicle collection for a few years. Thanks for the insight on the new engine. Gone, but not forgotten. This is a naturally aspirated non-turbo indirect injection version of the 1. I think it is just as much the car it is bolted into in your case as the engine itself.