EGPH is the airport code for Edinburgh Airport. ✈ Click here to Standard Departure Chart – Instrument (SID) – ICAO Dean Cross/Turnberry (Jet aircraft only ). Notice: After Z this chart should not be used without first checking JeppView or NOTAMs. EGPH/EDI EDINBURGH TAXI PROCEDURES To. Procedures. Aerodrome Chart · Aircraft Ground Movement/Parking/Docking Chart · Control Zone and Control Area Chart – Entry/Exit LANES and VRPS.

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GPWS warnings are possible on intermediate apchs from the South. Aircrews must ensure that they are familiar chaets the operation of the SEG systems at the airport. SIDs include noise preTrans level: At all times, pilots are responsible for their wing-tip separation and, if in any doubt, should stop, hold position and request marshaller assistance.

CL required below m; approved guidance system required below m.

All nose-in stands with the exception of stand 38A for which marshalling provision will be made have stand number designators, AGNIS and ground stop arrows. Printed from JeppView disc On most stands, all aircraft are able to use a common STOP mark. Block 33 is the preferred location for engine ground runs which may also be undertaken in Block APU must be shutdown promptly, as soon as alternate power is available on stand. Radar ranges will be provided at 12 NM outbound and 9 NM inbound.


GPWS warnings are possible on intermediate apch.

JeppView : EGPH (25 charts)

GPWS warnings are possible on intermediate apch from the South. The type of stopping aid on each aircraft parking stand is clearly indicated, at the head of each stand, in a position visible to the aircrew. Religious Studies Seminar Series Pilots should not enter stand unless the Stand Entry Guidance is illuminated or a marshaller has signalled clearance to proceed. Max Kts Descent Gradient 5.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Descend in holding if necessary. Radar ranges will be provided at 15 NM outbound. Marshaller assistance is required for all inbound operations. ACFT will be radar vectored either from the holding facility or following transfer of control to Edinburgh Approach. Birds in vicinity of APT. Notes transferred to P pages.

Continue visually or by means of an appropriate final approach cahrts. Climb straight ahead to ‘ before setting course. Gnd speed-Kts Descent Gradient 5.

Pilots not able to comply with these requirements should notify Tower as soon as possible. The aircraft type s are clearly marked, normally above the arrow. Lctr to MAP 3. GPWS warnings are possible on intermediate apch from South. Due to high ground south-east of the APT, descent below ‘ will be in accordance with chart Edinburgh On receipt of descent clearance descend at the rate best suited to a continuous descent so as to join the GS at the appropriate height for the distance without recourse to level flight.


Noise preferential route terminates at ‘.

– Airport Charts for Flight Simulator Pilots

An estimate of chwrts distance to touch-down will be passed with clearance to descend below the Transition Altitude. Initial climb straight ahead to ‘. Engine runs during the night period should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Climb straight ahead to UW or ‘, whichever is earlier, before setting course. Engine runs up to an engine ground run may be ebph out in Block 14 under exceptional circumstances when the traffic level permits.

MDA H ‘ ‘.