Ranging from Arabia to India and Southeast Asia, Engseng Ho explores the transcultural exchanges–in kinship and writing–that enabled Hadrami Yemeni. Engseng Ho is Professor of Anthropology and Professor of History at Duke University in the U.S. Currently he is the Muhammad Alagil Distinguished Visiting . Engseng Ho is an activist within the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement and has co-authored a BDS resolution at the American.

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Lives are not linear in the historical sense.

The Portuguese were also very well integrated in the Indian Ocean. It is normal for Bugis to be not only in Sulawesi, but in the Moluccaas and even in Johor.

Yes, one of the good things that has happened in the past two decades is something called globalisation. The Dutch also intermixed until roughly about The Society of the Absent 2. Genealogy as Light and as Law 6.

Hadramis carried along their genealogies as well. In southern Thailand, some might be associated with Muslim separatists. I added a few more classes in micro- and macroeconomics, and that lead to majors in both economics and anthropology. Interview With Engseng Ho. When I started looking at the Hadramis I was not interested in law at all, but I soon realised reading the Hadrami texts that they often wrote about law.

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As a child, I was always afraid of policemen. But actually in Penang itself, the situation was quite different. In that sense, the Hadramis are like the United Nations within one family. Return as Pilgrimage 8.


Professor Engseng Ho – University of Copenhagen

Later on with the arrival of totoks migrant Chinese in the twentieth century, you have a re-Sinicisation. Because, if you for example yo down the Swahili coast in East Africa, all these Arab and Muslim communities are targeted by both Americans and local governments in terms of surveillance, imprisonment, interrogation, torture, and so on.

In Penang it was Hokkien, which the Indians and the Malays also spoke.

I was then lucky to take a one-year intensive course on Western civilisation, from the Greeks to the medieval Downloaded from https: Rather, this was about people who very closely associated with Downloaded from https: At that moment, I felt that historical knowledge and context could help one think quite concretely about very contemporary phenomena.

Inter-Asian connections precede colonialism, have a lot to say about colonialism, and have lessons for us in the postcolonial period. Although a small minority considered the Hadramis as foreigners, by and large they were considered natives. Engseng Ho is Frederick S. For example, a Chinese coming from China, fresh off the boat, smart and hardworking: This was exactly my analysis of the American empire.

I used to build little toys with electric motors. It has been noted that universities that pass BDS resolutions see a marked increase in anti-Semitic incidents on campus. So I got a job in the government investment corporation and the central bank.

What were the responses you received after publication?


Engseng Ho

BDS activity is often aggressive and disruptive. To me, coming from racialised Malaysia, to encounter this sort of explosion of identities and lan- guages within one family was hugely liberating. It turned out that the Muslims in Singapore actually are quite a multicultural bunch. In these processes, at one point people from abroad integrate and assimilate, at some other point they become a third or creole community, and at yet another point they become racialised again.

They gave engsneg very different view of India; a view from the boat.

When I said I had just returned from the US after gradu- ating, he said: I suppose later on in my career those two things came together: It could be a small village in Kerala and a small village in Malaya. Other Europeans used to make fun of it as the Dutch going native. That is simply ridiculous. This changed my idea of what law is about. One can actually perceive them when one can smell them. In terms of a strict divide, if you think of independence in Malaysia and Indonesia, the Dutch were kicked out as foreign occupiers.

The Graves of Tarim narrates the movement of an old diaspora across the Indian Ocean over the past five hundred years.