In literature worldwide is still commonly used the term erosion to describe red areas within cervix around the external orifice. In such cases with negative. Some conditions, such as cervical dysplasia, erythroplasia or xeroderma pigmentosum are believed to serve as biomarkers for carginogenesis. New research. In principle, the grading scheme for squamous dysplasia of the oral cavity is similar to that previously used for the uterine cervix. In mild.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Objetivo: The investigation of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia was achieved by association of Pap smear and colposcopy in both groups.

In the cases where colposcopy revealed existence of abnormal transformation zones, NIC diagnosis was obtained through colposcopy-guided biopsy. The mean duration of CIN 2 was 2. The mean duration of CIN 3 was The mean duration of high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions was High-grade vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia VIN III is a visible lesion; therefore, it is accessible to biopsy and thus, to a histological diagnosis.

There are two forms of vulvar cancer precursors: There may be overlap of the two forms. Such lesion appears as pigmented, wart-like growths or papules. Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia is difficult to cure and relapses can occur at any time for many years.

Although there is no defined standard treatment, studies point to surgery, respecting a free margin, as the most adequate one. All patients underwent anamnesis, physical examinations and.

Erosión cervical

Cervical cancer is nowadays a disease amenable to secondary prevention. Methods for the detection of its precursor lesions and human papillomavirus infection, such as cervical cytology and molecular biology, achieved widespread use worldwide. However, there is still too much controversy regarding the use of these methods in gynecological practice. Which is the best examination or the best association of examinations, and the most eriteoplasia time intervals to proceed with screening, are still pending questions, generating anxiety in patients and doctors.

To evaluate the performance of initial cervical cytology and that collected at the reference service with a review conducted by different observers and techniques, as well as hybrid capture II, cervicql the diagnosis of high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia CIN, women attended from August to June for preneoplastic atypia upon cervical cytology were included.

Cervical biopsies were taken in 91 women. Performance of the investigative procedures was described by estimating the sensitivity, specificity, and positive likelihood ratio PLR, with a As pacientes foram classificadas em dois grupos definidos por idade.

O grupo Adolescente foi composto por mulheres de 13 a 19 anos e o grupo Adulta foi composto por mulheres de 20 a 24 anos.

Full Text Available Objetivos: Full Text Available This study aimed to estimate and analyze the prevalence of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia CIN and invasive cervical carcinoma based on cytological diagnosis.

Prevalence rates perwomen were: This would not have been observed if the Bethesda System had been used for cytological diagnosis. We tested the role of frozen section examination of the cone specimen in the evaluation of the resection margin status and to rule out invasion in patients with high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia.

Twenty-five patients with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia underwent conization erirroplasia by frozen section examination and planned hysterectomy. The results of the definitive paraffin exam were compared with frozen section examination.


The definitive paraffin examination of margin status ertiroplasia concordant in all the cases. Intraoperative diagnosis of invasion was made in 5 cases, and 1 of these was microinvasive.

Two cases of microinvasive carcinoma were diagnosed as cervical intraepithelial neoplasia by frozen section examination and had less than 2 mm dritroplasia invasion. In high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasiafrozen section examination can provide immediate and precise evaluation of the cone margin status in high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia.

It can identify frank invasion and permit adequate treatment in a one-stage procedure. In early microinvasive disease, frozen section examination fails to detect the area eritdoplasia invasion but reliably detects clear resection margins. O resultado do exame. We analyzed the results and the relations to age, educational level, cervicap, contact time with the present partner, age at first intercourse, number of partners, previous sexually transmitted diseases STD, circumcision, peniscopic findings, and female lesion grade.

O uso de laser CO2 no tratamento das neoplasias.

Pathology Outlines – Penile intraepithelial neoplasia (PeIN)

Foram observadas 49 com sinais directos de neoplasia na broncofibroscopia. We performed a retrospective study of patients observed in Pneumology unit between July and January to evaluate the clinical, radiological and endoscopic patterns as well as the clinical evolution of. Primary plasmacytoma of the thyroid gland: Primary thyroid plasmacytomas PTP are rare tumors. The authors report a case of PTP in a male patient with dyspnea and dysphagia.

Physical examination and computerized tomography CT scan revealed a solid tumor affecting the thyroid gland, measuring 12 cm in its greatest dimension. Surgical biopsy was performed. Microscopy revealed a hypercellular malignant neoplasm composed of round eritropladia cells arranged in solid nests, which showed a positive immunoexpression for CD, epithelial membrane antigen AME, kappa light chains and multiple myeloma oncogene 1 MUM1. The diagnosis of PTP was accordingly established. Os autores relatam um caso de TPP em um paciente masculino referindo dispneia e disfagia.

Neoplasia at the site of the colostomy associated with chagasic megacolon is a rare clinical event. Here, the authors report the case of a patient with advanced lesion, who had to undergo surgical treatment, and discuss aspects related to this disease.

Full Text Available Carcinomas raramente ocorrem no sitio da colostomia. Carcinomas rarely occur at the site of a colostomy. Colostomies are risk for malignancy, just as in any other portion of the colon. If the initial resection was for cancer, then the risk of metachronous colon adenocarcinoma is significantly higher than for the general population. Metachronous colorectal carcinoma occurs from 0. We report three cases of this rare neoplasia occurring at the site of a colostomy, and we review the literature.

Bowenoid papulosis is an anogenital skin disease characterized by multiple little papules, flat or velvet, which color varies from pink to dark brown. It is provoked by HPV and its transmission is sexual.

Most common eritroplaxia are anal pain and itching. Its appearance is characteristic and hystopathological examination confirms diagnosis.

Most of lesions cetvical benign and stable without treatment. There are several kinds of treatment including topical drugs for cytodestruction and ablative techniques. Topic schemes are effectives. The consultant doctor may choose the most adequate therapy. Garantia de qualidade em citopatologia: The cytohistologic diagnosis concordance of the cervix-uterine lesions was evaluated and the discordances are discussed.

To evalute the level of cytohistological diagnosis agreement in the Pathology Division of the Adolfo Lutz Institute and enhance parameters of quality assurance system developed in this institution. The authors retrospectively evaluated pairs of cytologyhistology consecutive cases from the files the Adolfo Lutz Institute Division of Pathology.


Agreement was found in cases We also observed that in 5 cases previously diagnosed as inflammatory, 2 of them were reclassified as CIN 1; after revision, the others remained as inflammatory even though they had a. Are curves of human chorionic gonadotropin useful in the early diagnosis of post-molar trophoblastic neoplasia?

Serial serum hCG titers were measured fortnightly in all patients. Individual curves cerbical the patients were built. The number of weeks postevacuation when hCG levels exceeded the normal limits was compared with the number of weeks when h.


Estudo retrospectivo dos internamentos no Hospital de S. Treatment of intra-epitelial lesions and cervical cancer during pregnancy. The estimated frequency is one case to 1. Considering there are still discussions regarding how to conduct this type of situation, the authors report in this article the literature update on the diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer discovered during pregnancy. A Developmental Gerstmann syndrome in a 7 years-old-boy with hyperactivity, short attention span, acalculia, agraphia, right-left confusion, finger agnosia and constructional apraxia is reported.

An initial trial with methylphenidate was done with good improvement regarding hyperactivity, attention span and constructional apraxia. In the clinical course developed a cerebellar syndrome and intracranial hypertension. Surgical exploration of the cerebellum discovered a medulloblastoma. The author believes that this is the first described association of Developmental Gerstmann syndrome and cerebellar neoplasia. The clinical findings, the etiology and the topography of the Gerstmann syndrome are discussed.

Although the international literature emphasizes the dermatoscopic pattern of mammary Paget’s disease pigmented variant, the authors describe the dermoscopic findings of classical Paget’s disease and demonstrate the presence of chrysalis-like structures, criteria recently described in the literature and not yet reported in Paget’s disease. Pancreatic cystic lesions, particularly small lesions, are more easily diagnosed nowadays with the use of imaging methods.

In some cases, the diagnosis represents a challenge to establish the treatment, as it can range from inflammatory pseudocysts to primary or metastatic cystic neoplasms. In order to choose the treatment, it is necessary to determine if the lesion is benign, borderline, or malignant.

Currently, echoendoscopy is considered the gold standard procedure for pancreatic evaluation as it clearly shows the morphology of the lesion, and also allows the acquisition of pancreatic material for cytological and.

Detection of colorectal neoplasia. Serological biomarkers may be an option for early detection of colorectal cancer CRC. The present study assessed eight cancer-associated protein biomarkers in plasma from subjects undergoing first time ever colonoscopy due to symptoms attributable to colorectal neoplasia. Combinations of serological protein biomarkers provided a significant identification of subjects with high risk of the presence of colorectal neoplasia. The present set of biomarkers could become important adjunct in early detection of CRC In this article we discuss the main computed tomographic aspects of diffuse pulmonary neoplasias in AIDS patients.

The main finding was lymphatic spread which produces peribronchovascular, septal interlobular and pleural thickening.

In both diseases this aspects were caused by neoplastic cells infiltration of these compartments. Pleural effusions were seen in both diseases.