Preferred Name. escala de disnea de Borg: 2 – leve. Synonyms. escala de disnea de Borg: 2 – leve (hallazgo). ID. También se evaluó la disnea mediante la escala visual analógica (VAS) y mediante la escala de Borg. Se realizó una prueba progresiva de esfuerzo en tapiz. (1)Departamento de Oncología, Hospital Universitario de Torrejón, índice de disnea de Mahler, escala de Borg, escala Edmonton Symptoms.

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Arch Bronconeumol, 31pp. Data were collected prior to the first treatment and 15 minutes after each medication application. Patients performed a progressive treadmill test limited by symptoms to measure peak VO 2 and V E. Besides, the devices used for EFP are less expensive and more readily available at this sector The asthmatic crisis is a very disnra medical emergency.

The use of accessory musculature was defined as a visible retraction of this same musculature, and was classified according to data from literature 11 in: Subjects with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were enrolled and dyspnea during daily activities was evaluated using the Medical Research Council MRC scale and the chronic respiratory disease health perception questionnaire CRQ. The perception of the symptom is defined as the patient’s conscious sensation of a physiological problem, the result of a series of events: Proc R Soc Med, 62pp.

Measurement of feelings using visual eacala scales.

We conclude that clinical dyspnea indexes CRQ and MRC correlate well with maximal aerobic capacity and with each other. Low educational level, marital status, profession and levels of anxiety usually relate with a higher frequency of asthma exacerbation It is responsible for the use of a significant share of emergency room resources, with a high hospitalization rate In Brazil, inthe mortality rate by asthma as the basic or associated cause was 2.


In these cases, the patients received the predicted medications in sequence, according to the III Consenso Brasileiro no Manejo da Asma Respir Med, 89pp.

Nine patients were excluded due to associated chronic pneumopathies; five had been smoking for more than 30 years; two had a heart disease; seven presented signs and symptoms of acute respiratory infection of the lower airways; 11 had participated in this study before and three did not agree to sign the term of consent. After this evaluation, the patient was referred to the Nursing Station, where he was treated.

Although breakthrough dyspnea boorg very frequent in cancer patients, there are no precise recommendations for treating it. Gorg presenting with basal dyspnea received oxygen in a greater proportion of cases Bethesda, National Institutes of Health, Exercise testing in the evaluation of impairment and disability.

The result was expressed in percentages according to gender, age and height, in line with worldwide consensual guidelines 1,10, Since this scale is easily applicable, we chose to use it at the emergency service.

Therefore, patients were included in the study.

SNOMED Terminos Clinicos – escala de disnea de Borg: 2 – leve – Classes | NCBO BioPortal

Epidemiological study on the Genetics and Environment of Asthma. Dyspnea was also assessed on a visual analog scale VAS and the Borg scale.

Trends in asthma mortality in young people in southern Brazil. Although some studies have shown that smoking is not a risk factor for asthma in adults, it is known that smoking increases the gravity of asthma and can be an obstacle to control this disease.


The time of borf for these patients varied from 3 months to 73 years, with a median time of 19 years.

Chest, 88pp. It may take longer to achieve the benefits of using metered-dose inhalers, however, which may cause the false impression that they are less effective When the Eisnea values are correlated with the PO 2 S values before treatment and disbea minutes after the last treatment, none of the groups showed statistical significance, although the saturation values, as expected, had increased after treatment and the BME values had decreased.

Sociedade Brasileira de Pneumologia e Tisiologia. Chest, 85pp. Patients were asked about their sensation of dyspnea through BME, which is a vertical scale quantified from 0 to 10, where 0 stands for no symptoms and 10 stands for maximum symptoms Chart 1. Other factors related to higher mortality are age over 55 years old and the presence of comorbidities A case-control study in hospitalized patients with asthma.

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Clinics botg chest medicine, pp. An experimental study of physical fitness of Air Force personnel. Global Strategy for Asthma Management and Prevention Immediately after his arrival, he was informed about the study and, after consenting, some data were collected before treatment was started: PO 2 S was only statistically significant in patients with grave and very grave crisis.