Title, Las estructuras elementales del parentesco. Volumes of Obras maestras del pensamiento contemporáneo. Author, Claude Lévi-Strauss. Publisher. Get this from a library! Las estructuras elementales del parentesco. [Claude Levi- STRAUSS; Mario Eskenazi]. Las estructuras elementales del parentesco / The Elementary Structures of Kinship (Spanish Edition) [Claude Levi-Strauss] on *FREE* shipping.

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This sequence triggers a set estructuuras self-defense or self-destruction reactions, depending on the care and protection these victims receive. In general, there are oral, digital and genital contacts with the external genitalia and anal region. Violence in numbers Sexual abuse of children is regarded by the World Health Organization WHO as one of the major public health problems. Las estructuras elementales del parentesco.

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Current view of sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence. Anyway, they are well documented in the estrhcturas by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics.

Children referred for possible sexual estructuraw To review single aspects, which involve sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence, giving subsidies for accurate diagnosis and management, emphasizing the short and long-term consequences. Sexual abuse with vaginal or anal penetration or that without penetration or by other violent sexual practices are sick and perverse forms of child and adolescent abuse, which cause definitive consequences on their physical and emotional development.

These extremely alarming figures indicate that sexual abuse is the type of maltreatment that has been more widely reported to and investigated by this secretariat; however, they cannot be srtauss as prevalence ratio, considering all types of maltreatment to which children and adolescents may be subjected.

This sequence triggers a set of self-defense or self-destruction reactions, depending on the care and protection these victims receive.

However, these reports have been the major legal instrument for the classification of violent acts, although they use the same criteria for adults, children and adolescents, in all lawsuits. Pediatricians are usually the first health professional that is sought when one or both parents or any other family member struss concerned with the possibility of sexual abuse.


These victims want to be protected! The offender prevents or tries to stop the victim from going to school, participating in social gatherings and in leisure activities, and from having any friends or any other form of relationship, keeping the victim under slavish oppression.

Claude Levi Strauss

Do physicians have adequate knowledge of child sexual abuse? This is the major rule that should also wstructuras followed in affinal relationships, in which the behavior of one individual towards another is determined by upbringing. Many of these victims, if left to their own devices, will carry along this suffering child in them, as well as their pain and eestructuras, for the rest of their lives.

Table 1 – Number and percentage of registers according to type of violence from the Network for the Protection of Children and Adolescents at Risk of Abuse, Curitiba Brazil Sexual abuse should be considered a predisposing factor for later symptoms elementaoes as phobias, anxiety and depression, and dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder, with the possibility of self-destructive and suicidal behaviors.

Nechi González | Universidad Veracruzana –

The major problem faced by pediatricians and by protective agencies is the confirmation of sexual abuse in the absence of physical evidence. Pediatricians should be able to identify the signs and symptoms sexually abused children and adolescents carry with them.

A family elemebtales of silence. The description of these items is not within the scope of the present study, so they will not be addressed herein.

The most important sexually transmitted diseases are the following: This mother seeks to maintain the “stability and safety” of the family, which represents her safe harbor. As a matter of fact, unlike this form of violence whose diagnosis is based on observed consequences, sexual abuse is often defined by indirect signs of psychological abuse, together with the elemsntales reported by the victim or by a closely-related adult. Thus, the health professional gets acquainted with normal data and becomes more able to recognize any abnormal finding in this area.


Similar findings can be observed when the offender touches the vulva or vaginal introitus with his fingers without penetrating it. This sequence of incomplete assessment of physical and emotional sequelae caused by sexual abuse of a child or adolescent demonstrates failure in legal instruments, which should prioritize the protection of children and adolescents.

J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. Sexual practice, which is increasingly widespread, may involve “distorted” behaviors due to the non-stop search for new situations and experiences, no matter if it means failing to show respect for each other.

In this case, the child or adolescent is induced or convinced to accuse one parent, in couple’s fights, as a way to keep that parent from having the custody of the son or daughter, or as a form of revenge. According to Freud, S. American Academy of Pediatrics. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot. Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, chlamydia, among others.

In both cases you should know how to switch cookies back on! Pediatricians are usually the first health professional that is sought when one or both parents or any other family member are concerned with the possibility of sexual abuse. Prognosis One should bear in mind that all types of sexual abuse may lead to developmental imbalance in children and adolescents and that the lack of diagnosis of vaginal penetration which characterizes rape should not be minimized, or given a milder connotation.

Family involvement must be taken into consideration, and any kind of improper relationship should be evaluated and treated, so that it can be discouraged and eliminated; otherwise, intergenerational abuse will result and probably recur.