Wspomina o niej Sokrates Scholastyk w swej Historii Kościoła III,7. Euzebiusz podaje, że wraz z nimi męczeństwo ponieśli jeszcze Seleukos, Teodulos, przede wszystkim jego mistrz Pieriusz z Aleksandrii oraz uczeń Euzebiusz z Cezarei. The Legend of St. George Saving a Youth from Captivity and its Depiction in Art *. 1 Euzebiusz z Cezarei, Historia Kościelna, О męczennikach Palestyńskich. Euzebiusz z Cezarei – Historia kościelna · Eusebius Church History · PASTERZ HERMASA – o Kościele i nawróceniu · Boże Narodzenie

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Propagation of the Gospel in the 3th and 4th Century.

Missions in the Christian empire 3. Preaching outside the Empire 4.

The Baptism of Clovis and the conversion of pagan Gaul 6. Conversion of Arians 7. Mission of the Christian East 8.

The first mission of the Pope Gregory I Wilibrord, the apostle of the Frisians Boniface, Apostle of Germany The conversion of the Vikings Conversion of Slavs and Magyars Francis of Assisi, the restorer of the missionary spirit Missions of the Mongols and China. After the finish of the course the knowledge: Participation in the lecture: E nr 1 referred to as “has has an ordered, depth knowledge of the history of Hisoria mission in antiquity and the Middle Ages” For the grade: The verification of learning results: The condition to complete the subject is the obtaining of all established points.


The number of the obtained points determines the positive grade of the subject: Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system:.

Institute of General Theology.

Additional information registration calendar, s conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system: You are not logged in log in. Basic knowledge of patrology and ancient History of Church.