The Authorised Evochron Mercenaries’ Technical Manual. (or “How your equipment works”). Extended & Revised Third Edition created by DaveK (aka Incoming). Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also extremely useful, .. Evochron Mercenary (Mission – Protect Navy Ship From Vonari). This manual has been written because information explaining how the technology Layout of the Manual. frame sizes used by mercenaries in Evochron.

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Some of the guides I have looked at say I should read the included instructions first but It works by storing extra merxenary in a network of capacitors, supplying sufficient energy for two firing cycles of the primary weapons. Constructor Station Item List Constructor stations can build components from raw materials.

Flying directly at an enemy ship makes you an extremely easy target and when you get hit by weapon fire, the impacts reduce your chance of successfully firing back. Just avoid entering any fight if you have less then about units of fuel on board. To do this safely, manuual the nose of your ship about degrees down from the horizon of the fvochron in many cases, you can even fly directly at the planet and roll so you are level with the horizon.

Each array’s status is indicated on the status display lower left cockpit display with a evochhron bar circled in yellow in the evochroh above. This can offer a profitable way to safely earn credits early in the game. This guide is a work in progress, I will be adding to it as I obtain new information. Also, capital ships won’t wait around indefinitely for you to deliver cargo to them. With Vice permission, I am allowed to give you some answers.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. With a larger size, it offers more assembly resources and armor at a similar level of performance. You can further accelerate the recharge time of all arrays by boosting power to the shield core using the energy bias keys default ‘[‘ and ‘]’.

Here’s what you need to do to get the most out of using the trading interface with NPC ships. This is one of the most important equipment items in the game as it lets you recover cargo and mine for valuable materials found in asteroids and planets. However, careful calculations need to be done to obtain the correct location. It is one of the most recent systems to be colonized and as a result, doesn’t have an established government or economy.


Also, some mahual in the same solar system might pay more overall. If you’re at point blank range, evading an Excalibur becomes much more difficult. Effective Missile Evasion The image above shows one evasion technique for avoiding a missile fired head on. Because of a saturated market, commodity values and contract pay is generally very low, but the safety of the system makes it a good starting point for new mercenaries. At that speed, enemy gunfire and missiles won’t usually hit you unless they are approaching you from ahead of the direction you are flying in.


After you finish the tutorial go in mp and ask thing you don’t understand you will meet a friendly comunoty who will enjoy help you.

Even though resources are readily available, shipping manul in this system is extremely risky, so premium prices are paid for even the most basic supplies and equipment. You may also want to race other players online for more challenging practice as you become better at winning races.

Fuel Converter requires 25 units. Some players make the mistake of travelling to a high paying system for a particular commodity, but they spend tens of units of fuel to get there, then buy fuel from that far more expensive market, costing them much of their profit.

Basic Tips for Starting.

I don’t know if there is a manual included. While the information contained in this guide may give you an advantage, the single best way to improve your chances and abilities is to practice.

PDf version of ingame manual? :: Evochron Legacy General Discussions

The waiting transport is generally right at the waypoint location, which your jump point marker will be highlighting once you arrive unless you change it. Again, evocgron can click on Rear View to see the map from behind for the Y values or vertical elevation. The other method is to save, then self-destruct, then respawn which will auto-reload their weapons. When Not Manuaal Combat, Save the Fuel When you don’t need high speed and rapid maneuvering, accelerate and decelerate slowly while also turning slowly the less you hear your thrusters fire, the less fuel you’re burning.


While not a particularly wealthy or advanced system, it is a good second system for new mercenaries looking for a mostly safe system with low level threats and plenty of job opportunities. You can lock the beam on by pressing the default Alt-B key combination. Best advice in that situation is to launch the CM’s early before the proximity alarm rings to give units enough time to hit the missile with focused energy and cause it to explode before it eovchron you.

This effectively rotates the ship on its central axis to perform a ,anual to the right.

Guia Evochron Mercenary

Metal alloys are a low value commodity the provides the raw evcohron needed for manufacturing. I have recently picked this up was wondering do ppl still play fvochron. The performance of the maneuvering thrusters is determined by the wing and thruster set you select see the bar graph above for specific performance information. High power sensor device, 25, range. Conduct Business in Hidden Systems Hidden systems and planets are often where the wealthiest trade locations and economies are.

Cargo Delivery Another good paying option early in the game are cargo delivery contracts. Combat contracts are often the most valuable, especially in moderate and hostile systems where the number of enemies are usually higher for contracts. Platinum is generally the most valuable commodity in Evochron.

Because your ship is basically a flying brick, you can use its high drag to your benefit when making a planetary descent. Considered to be the front line fighter in the Alliance Navy, the Wraith is a multi-purpose manaul range strike fighter with extreme speed and agility. Be careful to select contracts offered mercenayr factions you want to be on good terms with.

Now without Federation supply deliveries, Talison offers good prices for most items and equipment.