Compare Cyberoam vs FortiGate. 67 verified user reviews and ratings of features , pros, cons, pricing, support and more. Choose business IT software and services with confidence. Compare verified reviews from the IT community of Fortinet vs. Sophos in Enterprise Network. Get a feature-wise comparison of Simplewall vs Cyberoam vs Fortigate and see what firewall & content filtering software is best for your needs.

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So if you can ccyberoam the deliver time it’d be great. Option to bypass or override specific Content Filter Rules. Fortknet Pricing Cyberoam accurate pricing info is available upon request they don’t share it publiclyhowever, on a scale between 1 to 10 FortiGate Network Security Platform is rated 4, which is lower than the average cost of Security software.

It is valuable for combining two ISPs. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. Cyberoam ensures high vw of network security, network connectivity, continuous availability and secure remote access with controlled network access to road warriors, telecommuters, partners, customers.

The technical support is great. The top reviewer of Sophos Cyberoam UTM writes “Web and content filtering, and bandwidth monitoring help keep bandwidth costs in check”. Whitepaper and case studies here. Fortinet offers models to cyberoan any deployment requirement from the FortiGate series for small offices to the FortiGate series for very large enterprises, service providers and carriers. Cyberoam configuration is done through the browser, which is one of the places that viruses spread.

Time-based policy management for Users as well as Content. Cyberoam accurate pricing info is available upon request they don’t share it publiclyhowever, on a scale between 1 to 10 FortiGate Network Security Platform is rated 4, which is lower than the average cost of Vortinet software. Abdul Faheem Electrical Engineer at a transportation company.


FortiGate Network Se Vs. Cyberoam | ITQlick

It enables our organization to become more productive. I would like to see more advanced developments of a wireless controller in the future. See all our customer testimonials here and share your feedback too. Automatically updated to the latest.

Medium business, Large business Business Area: Web Filtering using wildcards; clarity regarding the firewall rules; granular reporting features. It scales well if you know what to buy from a physical box standpoint.

I do not have personal experience with the pricing of the solution because my boss has been taking care of that aspect cyberoaj the relationship with the solution.

I think the only issue that needs improvement is the interface.

Let’s talk about connecting the branches to the central headquarters. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. People using information should also research original sources of information and should not rely only upon this comparison while selecting any product. Each core is programmable and re-programmable and A rigid hardware that works on fixed set of instructions re-programmable, hence Extensible.

The best feature is the flexibility the product offers, in terms of remote access. The Bandwidth Management is also valuable for limiting heavy downloaders that may impact negatively on the experience of other users. To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt Ltd disclaims all warranties of accuracy or otherwise in respect of the comparison. The room for improvement is about the global delivery time period.


You have to set your parameters to avoid that happening, but once in a while, an email has slipped past firewall. The top reviewer of Fortinet FortiGate writes “The IPsec tunnels are very easily created, and quite interoperable with devices from other vendors”. Skip to main content. Avast for Business Vs.

Fortinet FortiGate vs. Sophos Cyberoam UTM Comparison – UPDATED | IT Central Station

I am “headache free” that I don’t have to categorize all the websites and that security has been pre categorized by the people, and that the services are getting updated.

See our full list of features here. It is very reasonably priced as compared to other solutions in the market. We were able to control the bandwidth and were able to take virtual access of those machines and give them the support, as and when required.

What we had before was a decentralized mechanism in our organization, but after having this product we were able to get the remote locations into the same LAN.

Click here to sign up. We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Compared to other firewall products, it’s a little cheaper in terms of pricing.

Fortinet FortiGate vs. Sophos Cyberoam UTM

Easily and fully field upgradable. See Recommendationsprofessionals have used our research since This comparison is not exhaustive and may not be accurate. Each FortiGate includes the widest range of security and networking functions on the market, including: