Fostex G16S Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Fostex G16S Owner’s Manual. Does anyone of you have a service manual for the regular G16 without the ‘S’ or even better a straight up solution to our issue? One of our. Free TASCAM Semi-Pro tape Recorder manuals and schematics. the Fostex G16 / G24 manual (21 megs large) ReUpped 9/07/14 Link GOOD.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Fostex G16 service manual. Fostex G16 service manual Sign in to disable this ad. Does anyone of you have a service manual for the regular G16 without the “S” or even better a straight up solution manjal our issue? One of our G16’s won’t erase properly on all tracks and our tech who’s usually a wizard can’t figure out how to sort it.

Fostex G16S Manuals

He’s been looking for a service manual all over the web and was only able to find it for the S version. Can you help me out guys? Just to be clear I have the service manual for the C I think it’s just says Service Manual G16, but I’ll have to check later today I’m not at manjal studio. At any rate, I think I got it from Fostex before the S version came out I have not specific answer to your problem, and I don’t know if flstex service manual will help solve it.

Miroslav Music – YouTube. I only have the G16S service manual as well, but I’m certain the Dolby C version and S version are going to be the same manal it comes to erasure and bias circuits, as you switch NR off to adjust them anyway. If all 16 channels are failing to erase properly, there are two things I would look at.

The first is mechanical Is it aligned correctly?

Enthusiastic with tape alignment

Anything that interferes with tape to head contact is going to reduce performance. It could even go all the way back to the main power supply for the deck. These machines are getting on in years, so things do fail, but fostwx a little tip I try to pass along when these things come up.


Don’t know what tape you’re using or what tape a previous owner may have used, but just thought I should throw that bit of info in for good measure and for future reference for anyone else that may come across this thread.

Fostex recommends for those machines and to keep these things running well into the future that’s what we should be using or bias compatible, SM, SM, 3Metc.

I almost forgot to mention one of the more common mechanical issues: Is the tape lifter fully retracting after going from rewind or fast-forward to reproduce mode? If not of course it’s going to be interfering with tape to head contact by pushing the tape away from the heads ever so slightly.

If it were more than ever so slightly you wouldn’t be able to record or playback at all, but ever so slightly is enough to screw up your erasure spec, which should be 70dB down or more. I would consider what Beck is telling you before you do anything else. The copyright date for the manual is Partially rewind the tape to retain a section of the 1KHz signal and then record over the remaining section without any signal at the input.

Fostex G16S Manuals

It is considered as a normal condition if Erasure is higher then 70dB. Monitor the Erase current waveform on the oscilloscope at adjusting and set the core just before the waveform begins to deteriorate. A higher current will heat the Erase head and result in damage to the tape. And check the Head touch condition of tape. There’s some valuable advice there guys, thanks a bunch. And yeah, it’s the version with Dolby C. I’ll send this thread to the tech and I’m sure he’ll get it running.

Does anyone of you have the whole manual in digital format? Our tech is watching this thread.

The problem is that the erase head won’t go any further than 12 milivolt and it’s supposed to fosrex to I’ll give a virtual round of beer to anyone who can help us sort this issue, got a session this weekend.


I saw your post a few days back, and then I just forgot about it until you PM’d me I’m kinda surprised that Fostex doesn’t provide the Dolby C version service manual on their website, but then, it’s 25 years old. It might be a PITA to scan some of the manuap pages, since they are fold-out, larger pages, but I think the scanner at work is large enough to fosstex single sheet scanning of the larger pages I’ll post it back here in this thread when it’s done It took me like 8 tries to get the whole manual scanned in.

Our networked scanners at my day job scan directly to your email account So I was trying to scan it first in one shot, but it was way to big for the email. Then I messed around with different resolutions times, still too big I combined the chunks into a single PDF mabual. I think it was a typo by Fostex when they put the service manual together. I’ve had the manual safely tucked away for years, manuql it hasn’t seen a lot of handling, and I don’t think the page fell out If I find it, I will scan it and add it Fostex G16C Service Manual.

The Ghost of FM.

I dont even have a fostex, but I thank you for your work. Sounds like quite the undertaking.

Fostex G16S Owner’s Manual

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