This is the Futaba 7C Ghz FASST airplane radio system with a RFS receiver, and four S Servos. The 7C sits squarely in the middle. Home · Radios; Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System. Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System. Image 1. Loading . : Futaba 7C GHz Heli Tx/Rx Only: Toys & Games.

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Assign it to a switch and push the set button. I assume that like the 7C you cannot do mixing involving the throttle channel such as throttle to elevator? The 7C is trainer compatible with the current Futaba transmitter line.

Futaba has recently announced their new full range 7 channel 2. Another great feature in the 7C fytaba is the fail-safe. Inactive by default, the transmitter also supports trainer functions.

The system has been totally rock solid for me – and has great software that is easy to use For data storage, the transmitter uses flash memory to hold your model data settings if the NiCad main pack is removed. The text is presented in a large font that I found easy to read. Jan 15, The 7C supports that with up or down timing functions, and it is switch assignable. I am going to change back to 2. They are short, stout and placed in such a way that I found them easy to actuate and they seem as if they would be hard to break.


Simply press and hold the jog dial and power on the transmitter. Jun 04, Page 1 of 12 1. Jul 01, This full range system comes packed with reliability and advanced programing features!

As with all computer radios the manual is important for helping to learn the programing necessary furaba setup and control our aircraft properly. When are they going to get rid of that ridiculous snap roll switch? Also very nice is the inclusion of the Variable Rate dial for flap trim.

I have flown the 7C with a number of different models from 8oz foamies to large club models. You must not fly the system until you exit from the power down mode. Attempting flight during power down could result in the loss of your plane! With this technology, every two milliseconds the Futaba 2. BB supported shaft Torque: This looks like THE 2. This enables you to select the sensitivity of each digital “click” of trim.

Futaba 7c ghz Air Rfs 4-s Transmitter | eBay

The Futaba systems wisely uses a small link button for this process rather than using a separate plug.

In fact, the only thing that feels a little different is the short stub antenna, a result of the wavelengths used in the 2. No question that the 7C is solid performer. It should be noted that your standard 72MHz receivers can not be used with this transmitter.

I have done that on my 7C. You must purchase Futaba 2. One of the strong points of 2.


Futaba 7C 7-Channel GHz FASST Airplane Radio System – AeroMicro

I’ve been flying one of these since september testing a sample unit that came to the futaha then and I’ve had absolutely ZERO issues even during intentional abuse, like MANY other 2. This is software configured and channel 3 throttle can be set to off or low in the unlikely event of RF loss.

The switches and buttons are very well labeled and are easy to actuate. Futaba 7C 7-Channel 2. I 7x with the expensive rx.

Futaba 7C 2.4GHz Heli w/R617FS Receiver (Mode 2)

I performed all flight testing while other pilots were using futaaba 2. To select menus you futabba rotate the dial and press to select!

I had the 2. I was very happy to see trim step or trim sensitivity in this transmitter. The 7C manual is excellent. This transmitter and receiver package came factory linked right out of the box.

I would also love to see new radio systems with 2s LiPoly or 2s LiFe chemistry with at least mA capacity.

Channels Airplanes Electric Flight. Universal style connectors will insert without modification. The power switch is situated well away from the trims. It is important to note that you 7 use nearly any modern 3 wire servos you wish.