Ge VAT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Ge VAT Instruction Manual. View and Download GE VAT instruction manual online. AC SPEED CONTROL EQUIPMENT. VAT Controller pdf manual download. GE’s distributor or our sales representatives who will be willing to help you. Please keep GE’s inverters are all passed the function test before delivery. Please.

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The below is an example. Parameter block B02 p R1: Chapter 4 Operation Panel Make sure that this g is delivered to the final user. The motor may not be connected correctly.

Preventive Overcurrent limit drive regeneration limit variableovervoltage limit, overload warning contact The voltage may not be output to the VAT output terminal. When inverse, or other than 1: Primary resistance Inverter 0. The mode or block displayed will change each time when the key is pressed.

Troubleshooting With Fault Display This website uses cookies. The wire length must be 30m or less.


GE VAT2000 Manuals

M’ fluctuations greatly immediately after entering the constant output range, so set using the following diagram as a reference. Sensor Vector Control Reference: Page 81 This will affect the current response.

A short circuit in the load may have occurred. Rest of the World and European destinations, days estimated shipment. Note 8 When using the speed sensor-less vector control, the vector control with speed sensor, or the PM motor control, select the applicable motor from the max.

VAT AC Drive Series VAT GE Power Controls |

Light duty allows the drive to be used for one frame bigger motor. RUN should be always ON.

Control Functions and Parameter Settings C Pick-up wait time The wait time t is a safety delay to ensure that the pick-up operation is enabled a time after the output vat200 cut off, once the motor residual voltage is disappeared.

Speed selection p p Bynary: Sequence Input Logic 5.

Failure to do so could lead to electrical shocks or fires. The new value is stored and output frequency will rise to 50Hz. Table Protective function Name Function Overcurrent trip The output is cut off and the inverter stops if the instantaneous value of the OC-1 to 9 output current exceeds fe preset value.



When using the 2-phase pulse, the rotation direction is judged by the advance and delay of the 2-phase pulse. VAT automatic tuning can be carried out independently for each of the following types of control.

Increase the deceleration time setting A Customising Block-b,c Parameter Preparation For Operation Automatic tuning measures the constants of the connected motor, and automatically adjusts the parameters so that the system is used to their maximum performance.

A drop in voltage, phase dropout or power supply failure may have occurred. Each analog input can be connected to the internal setting signals shown in Table by using the programmable input function. Control Functions and Parameter Settings Load torque observer IM The disturbance load applied on the motor is calculated and the torque command is compensated.