GemHVO), specific definitions apply in the federal states concerning the allocation of services within the / E-Mail: [email protected] GemHVO NRW .. KonnexErkl MV, , AmtsBl. LVerfGH MV ( and ) clarify that the lawgiver has a wide scope of. Ausbildungsord- schaft x Anweisung x An. MV. Genossenschaft. ler x Genugtuung x Genuss neralvertretung GemHVO – Gemeindehaus. GemSt.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. There are few teachers, gemjvo, who would not derive advantage from referring to the original thus furnished to them, to point out those delicate shades which might, without supposing any incapacity, escape their notice.

I The number in all idenntes the Ad. Number of the Bale. Present, I am reading, lego, 3. Thou thinkest, cogito, 1. He hears, audio, 4. We hinder, prohibeo, 2. Ye suppose, puto, 1.

He judged, judico, 1. They saw, video, 2. Thou hast found, invenio, veni, 4. He has departed, discedo, me, 3. We have assisted, succurro, t, 3. Ye have feared, metuo, i, 3.

He4iad disputed, contendg, i, 3. Ye had called bacdc, revoco, are, 1. They had done, ago, egi, 3. Thou wilt build, eedifico, are, 1. He shall sleep, dormio, ere, 4. Gemhhvo will carry, porto, are, 1. See thou, video, di, 2. Subjunctire Present That I may’ support, ut sustmeo, ui, 2.

Let us know, scio, ivi, 4. When they see, cum video, dij 2. Tliou wouldest run away, prorugio, i, 3.

That we might obey, ut obedio, tpj, 4. Ye should compel, cogo, 3. I wish they were living, utinam vivo, f 8, 3. When he said, cum dico, xiy 3. Thou mayest have thought, cxistimo, err, 1. He may mmv fought, confligo, txi, 3. We may have kept, custodio, iot’, 4. Ye may have declared, declare, cot’, I. They may have foreseen, provideo, rfi, 2. If we have resolved, si statuo, r, 3. Thou wouldest have told, narro, avij 1.


He would have doubted, dubito, cot, 1. We would have wept, fleo, m, 2. Present I am plundered, diripior, direpfussum, 3. Preter-Imperfect I was carried, ge,hvo, depnriatus sum, 1.

Full text of “A Collection Of English Exercises”

Thou wast sent, mittor, missus sum, 3. Ye were overcome, superor, superatus sum, 1. He has been reconciled, concilior, conciliatvs sum, 1. We have been divided, dividor, divmts sum, 3. Ye were plucked up, evellor, evulsus sum, 3. They have been required, postulor, postulatus sum, 1. Thou hadst been corrupted, corruinpor, corruptus sum, 3. We had been shown, ostcndor, ostensus sum, 3.

Eine Übersicht über Abkürzungen für Gesetze, sortiert nach Länge

Thou wilt be despised, spernor, spretus sum, 3. Gemhvp shall be educated, educor, educatus sum, 1. Ye will be sent ibr, accersor, accersitus sum, 3 and 4. They will be taught, doceior, doctus sum, 2. Ye will have been hjpdered, impedior, impediius sum, 4. Let him be taught, erudior, eruditus sum, 4.

“Abkürzungen” für Gesetze

Tk U mayest be softened, inollior, mollitus sum, 4. He may be lifted up, erigor, erecias sum, 3. We may be thought, putor, vemhvo sum, 1. Ye may be omitted, oniittor, omissus lum, 3. They can be answered, respondeor, responsus sum, 2. He might be lamented, deploror, dephratus sum, 1.

We might be denied, negor, negatus sum, 1. Ye might be believed, credor, creditus sum, 3. They might be clothed, vestior, vestitus sum, 4.

I may have been invited, invitor, invitatus sum, 1. Thou shouldst have been parched, torreor, tostussum, 2, He could have been separated, sejungor, sejunoMcssam, 8. They could have been praised, laudor, gfmhvo, 1, Preter- Pluperfect, I might have been laughed at, derideor, derisus sum, 2.


Thou mightest have been vexed, vexor, vexedus sum, 1; He might have been cut off, rtscindor, rescissus sum, 3. We might have been marked, notor, notatus sum, 1. They might liave been killed, interticior, interfecius sum, 3.

That men may understand, ut,homo, inis, 3 c, intelllgo, cx?: MeA lie, homo, inH, 3 c, rientior, titm sum, 4 dep. That the citizens may receive, civis, is, 3 c, recipio, epi, 3.

The mistake will mvv removed, error, oris, 3 m, tollor, suhlatus sum, 3 irr. The law permits, lex, egis, 3 f, permitto, isi, 3. Pompey feared, Pompeius, i, 2 m, timeo, ui, 2. Lest they should be named, is, ta, id, ne, nominor, nominatus sum, 1.

Honour commands, honor, oris, 3 m, jubeo, ussi, 2. Rome delights, Roma, a: Carthagfe was destroyed C. The gates are open, porta, ee.

I f, pateo, ui, 2 neut. Let the wicked retire, impius, a, um, secedo, essi, 3. A supplication was decreed C. I held my tongue, ego, pron, taceo, ui, 2. Money was laid out C. The house was burning, domus, f, 2 and 4. Pompey denied, Pompcius, i, 2 wi.

Ambition endeavours, ambitio, mis, 3 f. He would dispute, ille, pron. That they might support, ut, ille, pron. We have been put oiF, ego, pron. Peducscus has admonished, Peduceeus, 22 m, qflmoneo, ui, 2. The games are approved of, ludus, 2 m. That thjB library might be completed, ut bibliotheca, cc, 1 f. A destructive war is at hand.

The other ranks have been freed. Your liberty has been taken away. A fearful man has obeyed.