Guide of Genex Probe for. LTE Drive Test 2 Huawei confidential, 2. Contents Overview of Genex Probe & Assistant Genex Probe. INTRODUCTION TO GENEX PROBE DRIVE TEST OPERATIONBY IMRAN HASHMI Huawei TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. Huawei Confidential 1 GENEX. Huawei GENEX Probe & Assistant practice guide Internal use only Huawei GENEX Drive Test tools Practice Guide Abbreviation: User Manual: In Probe.

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The system displays a screen, as shown in Figure To control the log file playback, perform the following steps: Otherwise, the Probe gives a prompt, indicating that the matched device cannot be found, as shown in Figure The static Gwnex adjustment is enabled.

Probe considers this loading drivr failure and initiates another PDP context deactivation in the next loading. CH Code The CH code refers to the channel code, which includes primary scrambling code, secondary scrambling code, and channel code, as shown in Figure Device Those devices that are not supported by the current chart are in gray, indicating unavailability, as shown in Figure As shown in Figurethe AMR chart displays the following information: Many kinds of charts are available, including: Call type Continuous Call: Figure Data items in the spectrum analysis Table describes the data items in the spectrum analysis.

The system gives a prompt, indicating it is a hardware installation driver. The Probe summarizes the values of the 15 bits and displays the final results as final power control value.


Introduction to GENEX Probe

Figure Shortcut menu of a tab Table lists the descriptions of tab operations. Figure Log Item Setting area Note: Published by Jonathan Morton Modified over 2 years ago. Indicates the types of the traffic. You can get acquainted with the tet of test project and some basic operations. By default, one file is exported at a time. The slider enables you to locate at any position of the log file.

Help Menu The Help menu provides the help information, as shown in Figure The value is 60 seconds by default. Put the mouse on the device status, the system shows what the current light stands for.

The TestItem drop-down list is displayed. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co.

Skip to main content. The difference lies in that the Scanner information of the specified scrambling codes is displayed, as shown in Figure At the same time, the The system is in the status of triggering data teest highlighted in the associated playback pause windows. The command consists of two bytes one framewith 15 effective bits corresponding to power control value of each time slot.

Samples based on the count of data report z No sampling: Figure Information dialog box 6. A definir Call Type: The operation is the same as that of the RRC Messages window. Reason You may need to capture a window to meet the specified requirements during the drive test.

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Introduction to GENEX Probe – ppt download

Figure Update License dialog box 4 Click Browse… and choose the directory of the update file. Routes, Streets, etc Start Test, start recording.

The recommended value is Average in the All Method field. To import the test plan, perform the following steps: That is, the Probe applies the parameter color to the legend in the window.

Data Configuration Figure shows the data items used in the video streaming test. If serveral layers are Entire map available, you need to select a layer to be displayed, as shown in Figure probd Table describes the data items in the unspecified base station measurement.

As shown in Figurethe physical channel falls into the following types: To configure the hardware manually in the Probe and set the DTI Scanner parameters, perform the following steps: The System Configuration Properties window consists of the following tabs: The captured window is tesg in a.

Figure Map toolbar Table lists the descriptions of the buttons on the map toolbar. The Probe displays the following on the map: To disable the egnex item.

The function takes effect only when the test mode is in use. By default, the system conducts the forward playback.