General. Although this weapon was originally designed for use by parachute troops, it can now be found in general use in all combat units of the German Army . Find great deals for Mp40 Mp Mp38 9mm German Submachine Gun Manual Handbook. Shop with confidence on eBay!. German MP40 Machinegun Military Shooting Tech Manual – FTF Industries is a one stop shop for hard to find tactical supplies, one of a kind gun parts, knives.

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Please reference “Panzer Troops” on your order. I originally printed this with a lighter blue cover, but have changed it to a darker blue to better match the original book. All have been scanned and duplicated in this single manual for your convenience.

This is an exceptional manual for learning how the German Soldat was trained in realistic combat situations. This manual has nothing to do with blowing up bridges, how to make barricades it does explain where they were to be placedor in depth details about the actual tasks of the pioneers, other than to explain the command structure for the use of the pioneers, when they are used, how they march, attack, defend, and support locations, with how they prepared for their tasks and were sent into action through the command structure.

A surprisingly good little recipe collection, with dishes not in mwnual other cookbooks above. Includes suggestions for traveling point to point when the destination isn’t visible from the start, and a lot of little tips to help you navigate with the best. Please reference “Correct Marching” on your order. It’s serious, detailed, and written for teaching the proper German way of managing a battalion and interacting with the other army units. An interesting read, as it is not strictly about command control.


See the Contents page below.

Check the table of contents for a complete listing of subject matter. Recommended gegman reading is H. Please reference “Security Dogs” on your order. This manual covers models 30, 60, and of the German reusable shaped charge launcher. Interesting reading, but this is not a manual simply about how the Germans were supposed to behave in captivity. This manual provides the basics for getting a pair of phones talking.

German Reenacting Manuals

This is not a manual for what the unteroffizier should do in combat to command his subordinates. Eventually it gets around to explaining the proper technique and methods used for German POWs to escape, but the main focus of this manual is to incite the German population at the start of WWII into hatred and wariness of foreign prisoners and educate them about the damage that has been done to Germany in both world wars.

Personal or business checks, money orders, credit cards, and Paypal are accepted for U. Please reference “Cleaning Kit” on your order. A surprisingly informative manual for its 31 pages with many illustrations, this manual is a “must have” for the reenactor to know that his impression is correct.


How to use the signal staffs wands. The edition was a major update, but had many errors in it which were often corrected by handwriting in the margins.

Please reference “Combat Intruction” on your order. Please reference “Denckler Marksman” on your order. When these are gone, the hard cover version will no longer be available due to the high printing costs.

This book will be sent by priority mail, since it’s too heavy over 13 ounces to be sent as first class mail. Fully translated to English, now you can taste the field kitchen food made according to the original recipes. The original manual is 4″ W x 4. Your reenacting impression deserves this manual.

Originally pages in manhal format, now 64 pages, 8. Kriegsgefangene – Prisoners of War. The Germans used a slide projector and slides to educate their troops on a variety of subjects.

BOK224 MP40 Machine Pistol Manual

I have now acquired the full dictionary thanks go to Tim Carr from Florida and have added the missing pages. Explains proper technique for firing, cartridge packaging, the single and double star cartridges, and the illumination flare cartridge.

Any business has to make a profit to stay in business, but fair is fair. A very unique look at the U-Boat world.