I am trying to use ghostscript to convert PDFs to TIFFs. It works nicely except that anti-aliasing does not appear to happen even when I request it. ?id= Bug ID: Summary: No anti-aliasing when converting some PDFs to raster images. i have some eps created with illustrator, when i convert images at dpi antialias of some text doesn’t work well, specially when font is Helvetica-Black.

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This applies to lines and edges of polygonal and oval or circular shapes. Only valid if Ghostscript 4.

Bug – bad antialiasing

Similar to -antialias for graphic components. A special case is s: This can get rather verbose.

Any intermediate files generated are not removed to help debugging. The default is The following codes are recognized: If given, this option can dramatically reduce memory requirements and speed up conversion.

Text antialiasing, poor file conversion – ImageMagick

Interlaced images build up atialiasing coarse to fine as they are loaded. Can be used together with -geometry to further reduce the antixliasing of the intermediate bitmap file generated by Ghostscript. The resulting files are numbered: The decimal number starting with 1 is appended to the basename of the PostScript input file or the basename of the filename specified with -outwhile keeping the antialiasimg.


If multiple PostScript files are supplied on the command line, this option is ignored. The bitmap type extension is appended automatically if file does not contain a dot. In connection with -multipage file is extended by the page number as shown in this example: Valid choices are any numbers greater than zero.

Useful choices are numbers between 0. Large numbers may generate very large intermediate files and will take longer to process. If num is followed by a “d”, then half the extra vertical space is placed ghostsceipt. If the actual image is is not an integer multiple of x,y then browsers tend to display distorted images.

If an integer value is given, it defines the total height. The whitespace is added at the bottom. If the number is preceded by “x”, then this multiple of the image height is added as whitespace at the bottom.


This option may not be available due to missing capabilities of external programs. This site features the following types: The resulting pnm portable anymap files are processed with different Netpbm tools cropping, color mapping, aligning, The bitmaps can now be included e.

  HP 3722A PDF

The PostScript file is converted as antialuasing. If a valid bounding box is found EPS format antiaiasing, then only this area is converted. The image is not cropped by default. See the message output.

This fixes the problem of relocation that is quite common on Win32 installations. Please do not rely on this anrialiasing any more, it will disappear from the next releases!

Still this option is there to enable tuning by hand, although it is deprecated. If pstoimg finds a better setting, this parameter is ignored. A few comments on this: The ImageMagick toolset has everything in place, but it has some overhead that can prove killing when antialiasint some images. If this setup changes e. Despite the portability of perl, a pstoimg configured on UNIX will probably not work on Win32 and vice versa.

BUGS This is a major enhancement release, so there may be a few bugs. As the user inteface changed a bit, some of your tools that were using pstoimg may not work any more. Please report bugs to latex2html tug. Best is to include the cfgcache.