Apply/Retain access rights to protected content on your mobile device. GigaTrust for Android is built on the foundation of RMS; bridging the gap between. In addition to supporting RMS protection/consumption of PDF in Adobe, GigaTrust has built numerous value-added features into the desktop. GigaTrust is the largest and oldest provider that enhances and extends Microsoft’s Rights Management Services (RMS) content security solution. Customers.

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More information about the Azure Information Protection client for Windows This client now replaces the Rights Management sharing application for Windows. Content Locker VMware Stores, consumes, and creates protected content. Ramessys Ramessys Integration for Chemcart and Documentum. Azure Information ProtectionOffice gibatrust Office with Office apps minimum versionbuild You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Rights Management sharing application user guide.

If your iOS and Android devices are enrolled by Microsoft Intune, you can deploy and manage this app by using a policy managed app.

To protect Office files, use Office for Mac. Check your subscription information to see if Office ProPlus is included. The email clients that are listed can protect the email message itself, which automatically protects any attached Office files that are not already protected.

Not supported on Windows Information about the table columns: Footnote 3 If the sender and the recipient are part of the same organization. For these applications and solutions, Rights Management support is tightly ems by using the Rights Management APIs to support usage restrictions.

Read about this change in our blog post. It provides the same functionality and in addition, supports rights-protected email messages and rights-protected PDF rme on SharePoint Online. Outlook for Mac Web browser [3]. For more information, see the following resources: The sender is using Exchange on-premises in a hybrid configuration. Outlook Mobile [4] Web browser [3]. For more information, see the File types supported from the Azure Information Protection rsm admin guide.


JT files Windows Phone 8.

For email giggatrust that don’t support protecting emails, consider using Exchange Online mail flow rules to apply this protection. For more information, see Configure and deploy mobile application management policies in the Microsoft Intune console from the Intune documentation. Office and Office These editions of Office are included with most but not all Office subscriptions that include data protection from Azure Information Protection. Security Sheriff CryptZone Access management on SharePoint and protects documents, based on their classification and access permissions.

If the sender and the recipient are part of the same organization.

For more information about how the most commonly used applications support Azure RMS, see How applications support the Azure Rights Management service. Does not support overriding template protection with custom permissions that a user selects with the Azure Information Protection client. Supported only with SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, and the documents are unprotected before they are uploaded to a protected library. In this scenario, the original protection must first be removed before custom permissions can be applied.

Text, images, pfile RMS sharing application for Windows: Azure Information Protection client user guide. The sender or the recipient are using Exchange Online.

Applications that support Azure Rights Management data protection

For Office attachments that are protected by using Office Message Encryption with the new capabilities. Users can view, reply, and reply all for protected email messages but users cannot protect new email messages. Azure Information Protection client for Windows: Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. If you are a software vendor gigattrust have a solution for this table that is not listed, register your application with Azure AD.


Application support for RMS data protection – AIP | Microsoft Docs

For Step 2 from this Intune documentation, use the instructions to publish a policy managed app. Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. To check for other requirements, see Requirements for Azure Information Protection.

The RMS sharing app for Mac can also protect image files, but not other files. The following table displays RMS-enlightened client applications from Microsoft and software vendors. Footnote 2 For Office attachments that are protected by using Office Message Encryption with the new capabilities.

For Mac computers, it offers a viewer for protected PDF files. There are no open issues.

If the email application cannot render the message because the Exchange ActiveSync IRM is not enabled, the recipient can view the email in a web browser when the sender uses Exchange Online, or Exchange on-premises in a hybrid configuration. Choose the type you’d like to provide: More information about other applications that support Azure Information Protection In addition to the applications in the table, any application that supports the APIs for the Azure Rights Management service can be integrated with Azure Information Protection, which includes: Or either of the following conditions: Office for Mac Office Online [1] Web browser [2].

Office Applications Service Description. To get started with protecting documents by using Office for Mac, you might find the following FAQ useful: Use the following tables to identify the applications and solutions that natively support the Azure Rights Management service Azure RMSwhich provides the data protection for Azure Information Protection. This application is being replaced by the Azure Information Protection client.